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What to Expect When You Purchase a Pre Construction Home

When buying pre construction Weston fl, you need to understand the expectations before you get started, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Typically, pre-construction homes have more benefits and might be a cheaper option for you. You need to prepare and have enough information to avoid potential pitfalls in such an investment. Please consider the following factors before making a final decision and signing on the dotted line.

Choose the right

We can’t overstate the need to do your research before buying
a home from Weston homes
new developments. Policies, skills, and available options might vary
significantly among builders. Your builder should have a good reputation for
both reliability and quality of work. When choosing a builder from your new
construction at Botaniko
Weston, look beyond the computer models they present to you. Please take
note of how they’ve conducted their previous projects and whether or not they
have succeeded. It would be wise to consider a tour to one of their completed
projects to evaluate the quality and authenticity of their work. Please make
sure there are no major complaints filed against them. Consider getting advice
from an industry professional or real estate lawyer who can help you gauge the
financials of your target developer.

Pre ConstructionClosing costs

Closing costs are among the most hidden information when it comes to real estate. However, the general rule of thumb is to save up to 4 percent of the total cost of the home. You need to review your contract documents with your lawyer to find out more details on closing costs. Closing costs vary widely according to where you live, the property you’re buying, and the type of loan you have chosen. These costs might include but not limited to, development levies, application fees, appraisal, attorney fee, home inspection, and homeowners association transfer fees.

You also need to consider both the disadvantages and benefits
of buying a pre-construction. Below is a brief discussion that will help you
make a decision.

Pros of a pre-construction home

Freedom to

The freedom to customize and design the details that fit your
home is one desirable trait for pre-construction. Buying new homes in Weston fl
means you can pick out everything from the baseboards to the color of your
closets. Most of the things that you customize are difficult and expensive to
put in after you have completed a home. For instance, it’s not easy to put in
extra windows in a living room or increase the size of your kitchen or
bathroom. If you love designing, you will enjoy getting so many options when
customizing your space to make your house a home.

However, you need to note that while you have the freedom to
guide the developer on what you prefer, they might dictate some of your
choices. For instance, many builders will only allow you to choose from a range
of colors for your interior walls. They will present you with options for
things like countertops and flooring, and you can only choose from those
options. If you want anything different, you might need to wait until closing.

Energy efficiency

Pre-construction homes in Weston fl are embracing the innovations in energy efficiency. If you purchase a pre-construction, the chances are that your developer has used systems that will consume less energy. These options include insulation and air sealing, cooling and heating, and energy-saving appliances. Since you have some freedom to choose, you have a say over the strategies you’d like the builder to use to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Other energy-saving options include smart thermostats, LED lighting, and dual flush toilets.

No bidding wars

Typically, developers set the price for luxury homes in Weston fl
based on factors such as recent sales statistics, square footage, and floor
level (for condominiums). Purchasing pre-construction assures you peace of mind
knowing the price right from the beginning. Bidding wars can be an emotional
process at times since they can out price potential buyers in heated markets.

A brand new

While many people still love existing properties, t here’s
something alluring about moving into new construction homes in Weston fl. Every detail, small and
big, is clean and sparkling. If you don’t want the surprises that come with an
older home, building your home from scratch is an excellent way to follow.

Cons of a pre-construction home

Fewer chances for

When buying pre-construction, the price you see is the price to pay, in addition to any upgrades on the property. Builders will hardly lower the costs for new homes since it results in more and more buyers looking for ways to negotiate down the price. Instead of looking for a lower price, you could ask them to give a discount or any other financial incentives.


Pre-construction might not be the best option if you need a
place you can move to within a short period. Delays are universal, and so you
need to do your research and get a developer with a proven record of high
customer satisfaction. Some projects might delay by as many as three or four
years after the time you expected a complete home.

The Bottom Line

Before buying pre-construction, consult with a realtor to be sure that you’re right about your decisions. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a good builder. What you need to do is do research and go with the one who delivers what you genuinely want. You need to check with them the sales statistics in the area to have an idea of the market price. Having discussed the pros and cons of pre-construction, you now have a chance to weigh in the options and go for what fits you best.