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homes and lavish living have long been associated with
opulence and over-the-top consumption. The more modern
definition of luxury homes incorporates sustainable design and
eco-friendly structures.

At Botaniko Weston, your home can be both luxurious and also sustainable. With advances in building technology, luxurious sustainable housing is no longer an oxymoron. Being eco-friendly does not mean doing without.

Beautiful luxurious homes are now spotting green eco-friendly roofs that draw solar energy from solar panels. Water consumption in these luxurious homes is also much more efficient than in your average home.

Botaniko Weston is
part of the concerned global community that plans and designs on
reducing the footprint of housing on the environment.

Most of these technologies were developed decades ago but have only started to gain traction as consumers have become more aware of them. It is a surprising fact to note that some of these eco-friendly features are such bleeding edge technology that they’re beginning to be incorporated into the definition of luxury homes.

A fitting analogy would be a comparison between a Tesla and a luxury home  in Botaniko Weston. Being eco-friendly is part of the new definition of luxury.

Let’s look at some of the top 10 eco-friendly features you might request as an add-on for your Botaniko Weston luxury home.

Reflective roof insulation

the energy footprint of your house begins by conserving the
power that you draw from the grid. Here is how it’s all
connected. The power that your home draws from the grid is
generated from both renewable and nonrenewable resources.

So the more you conserve your domestic power usage the utility provider will consume less non-renewable energy resources to supply with electricity or gas.

A significant amount of energy is utilized in cooling the home. Using reflective roof insulation deflects heat radiation and keeps your home cool naturally during hot summers.


Water conservation is also a key part of reducing the environmental footprint. Efficient flushing will go a long way in reducing the volume of water consumed in each luxury home. You can request these add-ons in pre-construction homes at Botaniko Weston.

Constructing from sustainable local resource materials

Sourcing locally reduces the carbon footprint of transporting construction materials from faraway places. Utilizing local materials also has a low environmental impact because their extraction will be motivated by local authorities. This is a policy that Botaniko Weston strongly believes in.

LED lighting

LED lights produce light in a more efficient manner than the traditional filament bulbs. The latter produces light by heating up the filament. This process consumes more power than the technology used by LED which produces the same amount of wattage without the heating process. So these are great to add to your Botaniko Weston luxury home.

your home Green

Go the extra mile and seek LEED certification for your luxury home they will give you recommendations and advice on how to truly reduce your home’s impact on the environment

Solar panels

Energy from the sun is classified as renewable and when you utilize it to supplement your grid power the better it is for the environment. It’s becoming cool to add solar power to luxury homes. So go ahead and some to your luxury home.

Smart energy and monitoring systems

Luxury homes are outfitted with systems that controller homes light heating and irrigation to ensure efficient consumption of these scarce resources. They carry out operations like ensuring that only rooms that are occupied are heated to prevent wastage of gas or electricity or other fuels in heating unoccupied spaces.

Geothermal heating

Installing a geothermal heat pump facilitates the transfer of heat between the ground and your home is an efficient way to air condition your home without drawing too much grid power. It is more cost-effective to plan for these installations at the pre-construction phase of your Botaniko Weston home.

Higher ceilings

Luxury homes with higher ceilings stay cooler through natural convection currents. The lower your ceiling is the higher the chances that you will need auxiliary cooling for you to have comfortable temperatures in your house. This auxiliary cooling will consume power.

Thermostats and zoning

Smart HVAC systems will utilize advanced thermostats to program your heating and cooling. This prevents wastage of energy in heating or cooling rooms that are not being used.

Efficient use of space

Using an open plan will reduce the inhibitions of walls and make rooms roomier. You can put in more things and therefore you a smaller home will suit you just fine. Smaller homes are more energy efficient and have a lower environmental impact. At Botanico Weston, you will have the open plan option.

a prospective home buyer whether this is your first home purchase or
you’ve been down this road before, you most certainly have
a checklist of the features you want and expect
of your new home.

The developers at Botaniko Weston have many years of experience developing luxury homes. We have taken into consideration a lot of objective and subjective criteria that we feel are important to our clients.

Botaniko Weston was created with a vision of creating an idyllic space for a wholesome family to enjoy. The residences are surrounded by lush green landscapes and wide expanses of land. It consists of a private enclave of luxurious housing located in a naturally beautiful area.

Botaniko residences were designed by internationally recognized architects. The Oppenheim residences get their name from Oppenheim Architects, an award-winning architectural firm.

The Mateu residences are a product of another award-winning architect called Mateu.

The architectural firm designs with an objective of converging man’s needs and conserving nature. The residences blend well with the environment and create a perfect balance between artistry and economics.

All the houses in Botaniko Weston are brand new and prospective buyers are offered floor plan options that they can select from. This flexibility allows our buyers to pick a floor plan that suits their lifestyle.

Let us look at some of the reasons why Botaniko is the perfect place to call home.

Investing in a new construction like Botaniko Weston has significant advantages including a lower expected maintenance cost because everything is brand new, and a higher return on investment because new residences offer a better price in the market when offered up for resale.

Botaniko was designed with good family living in mind with everything from the security the large open spaces, we place a premium on our residents leaving a full, healthy, and family-oriented lifestyle.

The features of the Residences

Botaniko Weston is a private estate that provides 24-hour security service from well-trained, well compensated, and motivated security staff. The security detail is equipped with a state-of-the-art closed-circuit television system that is manned throughout.

Our security detail is proactive and prides itself in countering crime before it occurs. We also provide concierge services for our residents who make sure that all their needs are catered for by our discrete concierge services.

The interiors of the Botaniko Weston residences were designed by V-Starr Interiors which was co-founded by former international tennis star Venus Williams. Besides her accomplished tennis career, Venus Williams is also a world-renowned interior designer and she is backed by a very creative team.

The Landscape Architecture

Botaniko Weston rests on a fantastic landscape with miles and miles of private walking, jogging, and biking trails. These trails intertwine seamlessly with the sculptured landscape.

The wide expanses of land form a wonderful play area for children and also provide picnic and outdoor entertainment spaces for adults as well. The large and safe children’s play area is also incorporated into the landscape where parents have a cozy picnic area and can still keep an eye on the kids.

The pristine natural environment provides a lot of wildlife sights and sounds that most of our residents find highly enjoyable. This blend of nature and architectural design is rare to find even in luxury housing.

World-class amenities

Botaniko Weston comes with a wide array of state-of-the-art hundred top-notch amenities. Our residents can enjoy acroyoga, a blend of acrobatics and yoga that works on building core body strength and the meditative flexibility of yoga.

Access to world-class educational facilities

Living in a high-performing school district is a definite big advantage in providing your kids with a step towards a brighter future. The West Broward area is home to nationally well-ranked high performing private schools. The West Broward school district is also ranked highly nationally.

The American Heritage School which is in the West Broward School District offers advanced College preparatory curriculum beginning from pre-k all the way to 12th grade. The school, which is accredited by the National Council for private schools not only does the school offer top-notch education but it also has amenities and facilities necessary for co-curricular activities.

Some of the school’s facilities include a 1000-seat theatre and an Olympic size swimming pool.

Luxury homes in Weston, FL, showcases elements of light, air, and nature. No truer is this than at Botaniko Weston which continues to attract investors near and far. With close proximity to over 2,000 acres of wetland preserves in the Florida Everglades, this oasis of calm and serenity is perfect for families and Mother Nature lovers alike. With luxurious interiors, exquisite exteriors and loads of amenities, you will find everything you need at these pre construction homes. This includes nautical and aquatic activities, as well as close proximity to parks with open, green space.

are some of the ways Botaniko Weston has – and continues to
reinvent the concept of luxury:

  • 121-acres of beautifully designed modern homes with lavish amenities
  • Plenty of jogging – bicycling – walking paths with easy access to nautical-aquatic activities and canoeing.
  • All Botaniko Weston homes are fitted with smart kitchens, contemporary designs, and modern décor. Enjoy a myriad of wireless, digital and green technologies accentuated by hardwood flooring, central AC – heating, built-in entertainment centers, LED TV mounts/stands and spacious kitchens with high-end cabinetry.
  • Botaniko is not far from Town Center where you will find great shops, dining, and amazing nightlife venues
  • The area is in close proximity to fine eateries, schools, outdoor cafes and transportation hubs. Botaniko is lively and energetic but known for its serene, tranquil environment for easy living.


was named the No. 15 Best Place to Live in America a few years ago.
This remains true today with new investors and buyers from all over
Florida and the world. As a great place to work and raise a family
in, there is always something to do and see at this enchanted
residential community.

Weston Pre-Construction Residences

Weston residences offer luxurious living with a poetic touch. In fact, the Mateu and Oppenheim residences are perfect for corporate icons, business-minded individuals, families, newlyweds, and singles. All units seamless integrate into the backdrop with picturesque sunsets and scenic imagery. With soothing tree breezes and comfortable weather year-round, Botaniko Weston will truly replenish the mind, body, and spirit.

enjoying quality time with loved ones or a round of golf, you will
find unparalleled luxury and optimal convenience at every turn. In
fact, Botaniko has elegantly fused the luxuries of high-end condos
with down-home traditional living. Whether looking for one-story or
two-story abodes, each home is eloquently designed to inspire,
innovate and ensure true excellence and comfort across the board.

The Botaniko Weston Experience

luxury homes are better alternatives to traditional, pricier houses.
In fact, our community continues to grow and expand with new
investors and buyers. With modern, contemporary homes fitted to the
tee with open living spaces and amenities, why go anywhere else?
Botaniko Weston homes have been featured on several media platforms
and continue to attract and engage families and individuals. As a
haven for Mother Nature lovers, you are guaranteed a living
experience that will dazzle the senses and achieve all desired

Enjoy the Good life today

you are in the market for your first or new home, Botaniko Weston in
Florida should be at the top of your list. Our pre-construction units
are synonymous with fine living for families, couples and singles
alike. You simply have to access the Botaniko website to review all
the benefits and amenities of their estate-like condo units. You can
also review the many positive testimonials by current residents and

residential establishment continues to redefine and explore new ways
to ensure maximum luxury for our residents. This is why we
continuously stay abreast of all the latest industry trends and
developments. This enables us to tap into the current trends, while
creating homes that speak volumes of design, convenience, and
high-end living.

you are tired of your current abode, simply visit us to find out more
about our highly rated homes.

For more information on new homes in Weston, simply contact us today or visit our website.