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you’re buying a new or pre construction condo, or you have a night in
one booked as a treat to yourself, a night in can be the perfect way
to relax. A luxury condo offers all kinds of ways to kick back and
have the perfect night in, away from the world. What can you do to
make your night away from the hustle and bustle of the city perfect?
Here’s four ideas to get you started.

Have The Perfect Bubble Bath

matter where you are, if there’s a bath tub you can have a relaxing
bubble bath. Nothing’s better than lying back in the warm water after
a hard day, just taking some time to yourself. It’s the best way to
decompress after you’ve been working hard, as you spend some time
just by yourself.

you’re in a luxury condo, you can make the experience even better.
Depending on the bathroom your condo complex offers, you can have all
kinds of luxury perks that make bath time that much better. Most will
offer oversized tubs, meaning you can really spread out and enjoy
your bath without having to fold yourself in, like you would in a
regular tub. Many also come with jets, turning your bathtub into a
veritable hot tub. Add a bath bomb, a book and a glass of wine, and
you’re all set for a good night in.

Have A Movie Night

you missed the latest movies and want to catch up? Maybe you want an
excuse to curl up on the sofa and eat popcorn. Whatever the reason, a
movie night can be the best thing to do in a luxury condo. If you’re
renting one, you’ll notice that it probably comes with a big screen
TV, and plenty of ways to watch movies on it. A streaming device can
easily be plugged in and used to send movies directly to the TV, so
you can start watching with minimal fuss.

you’re looking to make snacks, you’re in luck too. Even if you go to
the kitchen for something to eat, you’re not going to miss anything
thanks to the open concept plan of most new condos. You can stay in
the loop even if you need a drink or more popcorn.

Hold A BBQ In The Sun

the weather is good, then why not get outside and soak up some rays
with your friends? The best way to do this is with a good BBQ. Most
luxury condos, such as the Botaniko Weston homes, have access to
purpose built, private outdoor spaces. You can take in nature while
catching up with your friends. Even better, you can invite your
neighbors so you can get to know them. It’s a good way of meeting
them if you’ve only moved in recently.

the Weston homes new developments are made with nature in mind, you
can spend the night watching it unfold around you. There’s a lot of
joy to be found in watching birds from your balcony, or sitting in
shared spaces with friends, watching animals go by.

Order In Dinner

a lot to be said for good take out. At the end of a long day when
you’re tired and just want to come home and flop on the sofa, you
don’t want to get into cooking dinner. A take out meal can be just
what the doctor ordered.

doesn’t mean that you have to eat any old take out though. Most
luxury condos come with a concierge service, that can be invaluable
in times like these. Talk to them and ask them who they can
recommend. They’ll have a fantastic knowledge of the local area, and
be able to direct you to some of the most delicious and underrated
take out restaurants near you. Take advantage of their knowledge and
have a delicious dinner without the effort.

These are just four ways you can enjoy a night in in your luxury
condo tonight. Take advantage of the amenities available to you, and
take the time to relax and unwind in luxurious settings.

Best Weekend Beach Getaways Near Miami

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the winter starts to approach, your thoughts start turning to warmer
climes. Even if you’re already living in some of the luxury homes in
Weston FL that are already going up, you’ll want to get away from the
hustle and bustle of everyday life for a weekend or two. Whatever the
reason, you need a weekend getaway that’s near Miami. Here’s three of
the best spots to check out for the perfect beach getaway.

Mid Beach, Miami

in 2010, Mid Beach wasn’t considered a vacation destination by most.
Ever since then, though, there have been hotels going up to house
those who are looking for a quiet scene, somewhere they can relax and
enjoy their getaway away from the crowds.

you’re looking for a more laidback spot to spend your vacation, why
not try the Soho Beach House? This hotel was the first to stake out
Mid Beach as a desirable location. The hotel mixes British ideals
from their owners alongside Latin influences, which can be seen
everywhere from their bar to the decorations in the rooms.

you’re looking for a decadent weekend away from the kids, where all
you have to do is lay on the beach and work on your tan, this is it.
Take advantage of the luxurious surroundings and easy access to less
populated beaches, and you’ll be sure to have a good time.

North Beach Village, Fort Lauderdale

people want a super laidback vacation. They want to unplug, and get
away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. If this sounds
like you, you’ve got to check out North Beach Village in Fort
Lauderdale. Under the leadership of Swedish investor Par Olof Sanda,
who owns 22 hotels in the area, it’s become the perfect place for
those who want to unwind.

you’ll notice here are lots more people on bikes, as cars aren’t
really needed here. An extensive bike sharing program ensures that
you have access to bikes whenever you need them. What could be better
than riding along the coastline with the wind in your hair?

of the best things about the North Beach Village is the crowd that it
attracts. European families love to come here and unwind, and there’s
a large LGBT friendly following here. Whoever you are, you’ll feel
welcomed there and have the best time on your weekend away.

Key West

West has long been a favorite for those looking to get away, and it’s
not hard to see why. When you head to Key West, you really are
getting away from it all. All you have to do is leave your hotel and
you’re in an area famed for their bars and restaurants, perfect if
you love having a drink in new and exciting places.

those who are literary fans, you can trail Ernest Hemingway all
around Key West. He spent a lot of time there, so you can fish where
he fished, or visit his haunts such as Blue Heaven, which used to be
a popular boxing location that he used to frequent. You can also
visit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum to learn more about
Hemingway and his travels.

West isn’t far away, but it feels like it’s a world away. Living in
Miami, you can easily get to Key West for a weekend away, so make the
most of it. You’ll love relaxing in the sun on this beach getaway.

Is The Perfect Starting Point For A Vacation

you love the beach, then you’re going to want to live there all year
round. You can head out on Miami beach vacations, but why not take
advantage of all the new construction that’s happening in the area?
For example, the Botaniko Weston developments are new luxury condos
that are perfect for anyone who wants a slice of the Florida
lifestyle for themselves.

These are just three destinations near Miami that you’ve got to check
out if you’re in the area. Take your weekend away and make the most
of a vacation in the sun. You live so close, it would be rude not to
take advantage of it.

So, you just move to the beautiful
sunshine state of Florida. You are contemplating getting a condo with
multiple bedrooms. However, you’re not quite sure what you would
use all that extra space for? Having that little extra space can be a
very good thing. Here are some of the ways that a single person can
make excellent use of multiple bedrooms at luxury
homes in Weston, Florida and
be quite comfortable.

Your Own Den at Pre
Construction homes in Weston, Fl

fact that you’re looking for multiple bedrooms at luxury
homes in Weston, Florida
paves the way for having a formal living area plus your own den. Dens
are typically more casual and provide the perfect personal space for
your creative side to flow. You can transform your den into your own
sanctuary of putting a music system, mini art collection, large flat
screen television and comfortable furniture.

That New
Construction Homes in Weston, Fl
Bedroom into Your Own Home Office

not everyone is happy having a computer desk cluttering up that one
corner or massive space of their bedroom. One way you can put those
multiple bedrooms to use at luxury
homes in Weston, Florida is
set it up as a home office. Along with providing a place for your
laptop or desk stop to reside, scanner, printer, fax, the office will
provide room for a few more things.

home office means room for a desk with a built-in file cabinet,
bookshelf, and the whole works. The space can also provide a way to
arrange your favorite reference books on shelves or serve as a place
to display awards, accomplishments or sports memorabilia you’ve
picked up over the years or anything else that you want to have out
and easy to see.

Place for Guests to Sleep at Weston
Homes New Developments

the traditional route and set up a guest bedroom in one of those
multiple bedrooms at luxury
homes in Weston, Florida.
This is a great option if you have relatives or friends who sometimes
come to town for a weekend. It also comes in handy if you have a
party and one of your friends has a little too much to drink.

of having to call a cab to take the friend home, the spare bedroom is
right there and ready for use. These are just a few of the ways you
can put a spare room to work. Before you pass up on a larger place
like a house just because you are single, stop and think about the
possibilities. It won’t take long to see why buying luxury
homes in Weston, Florida
makes a lot of sense.

a Future Play Room

always wanted a space where you could organize your little cousins,
nephews and nieces’ toys and stuff animals instead of having to
shove them in a closet. If you decide to buy one of luxury
homes in Weston, Florida,
there will be extra space to turn that multiple bedroom into a future
playroom. Are you planning to get married one day and start a family
with your future husband? Why not put together a future playroom for
your children so they can run around, play games and relax.

Higher Quality of Living at the
Pre-construction homes in Weston FL

luxury homes in Weston,
Florida is the place where
you will feel a part of a community. We have an exclusive gated
enclave of magnificent condos filled with a natural beauty that
combine perfectly with the unique ecological Weston community. Here
we offer the best of upscale living—tranquility and beauty of
nature, high culture, a vibrant society—meets an easy artistic

will love this South Florida’s most desirable community, we
represent a peaceful getaway from what has become one of South
Florida’s most sought-after places to live. This rare balance
between access and escape is one of the many factors that distinguish
modern life here at our condominiums.

in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida is a dream for many. With
plenty of sunshine, scenic natural beauty, and world-class amenities
found in the many residential developments, you can make this dream
of living a privileged life come true in this truly beautiful place.
One of the modern, most sophisticated offerings has been the
residential community of Botaniko Western. It was ranked no. 8 by
Time magazine
as the Best Places to Live in America. The community includes 125
homes on 121 acres of scenic lakes and pathways.

Western – a living paradise.
secure guard-gated community was designed by a world-renowned team of
architects and designers to give you the best of modern living. Matu
Architecture was selected as the firm to work on this community. With
over 34 years of design experience and many, many awards and
accolades in recognition of their excellent work meant that the same
excellence in a timeless architecture design would be seen in the
residences of Botaniko Western. Joining them was the architecture,
interior design, and planning firm of Oppenheim Architecture. This
firm again specializes in projects that establish a timeless
architecture which is beautiful and functional at the same time. V
Starr Interiors founded by international tennis champion Venus
Williams was chosen to work closely with clients to create fresh and
distinctive environments for them. Landscape Design Workshop worked
to provide unique spaces that extend the indoors to the outdoor
natural spaces for entertaining, dining, exercising, and more.
Together, this team worked to create a true paradise in Botaniko
Western for the homeowners to enjoy a truly luxurious Florida
lifestyle. The homes in the community do not stand out from the
surroundings, but instead meld into the surrounding green spaces.
With plenty of places nearby to shop, the best schools, parks, dining
destinations, and much more, residents can expect to live in an area
surrounded by luxurious amenities. Nothing you need for daily life is
more than a few minutes drive away from Botaniko. Most homes have
lakefront views, and every home includes a private pool, covered
patio, and an outdoor summer kitchen. The homes are fitted with
high-the modern appliances. A 24-hour guarded gatehouse with
state-of-the-art closed circuit television, security cameras, and
concierge services, means that you benefit from the best services and
amenities you need. Monthly HOA charges also include cable, internet,
and maintenance of the common green areas. This community is indeed a
jewel in the already safe, active, and family-oriented community of

Modern living in a
beautiful natural setting.
beauty and tranquility of Weston is one of the most important
features that adds to the exceptional quality of life offered by the
communities here. Weston also already boasts a rich array of
year-round cultural and community events. Botaniko Weston has
successfully had a positive impact on the natural surroundings of
Weston by creating residences and outdoor spaces that are very much
in keeping with the natural habitat with the aim of making the living
spaces work in harmony with the outdoors. The architecture of the
homes celebrates the natural environment and a minimalist approach to
design lets the outdoor environment become the focus. The one and
two-story contemporary-style homes at Botaniko range in size from 5
to 7 bedrooms. They provide an opportunity to buyers to call these
architecturally distinctive single-family estate residences home in
one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in South Florida. The
surrounding vegetation here is exquisite and residents will be able
to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Walking, running, or biking
along beautiful pathways and along a refreshing lake, having a picnic
in a cozy picnic area, carefully designed children’s play area with
swing sculptures, and much more is offered in this upscale community.
So while you are able to enjoy all the amenities of modern life, you
do so in a serene environment of lush green landscaped spaces.

To find out more about
Bitaniko Weston and for availability of homes to buy, contact their
sales office at 954.543.5596. Their staff would be happy to assist
you and answer any questions you may have. Before you know it, you
may be calling this sophisticated community your home!

many reasons why you’d choose to buy a second home. A change in
scenery, somewhere to vacation, and an additional income stream are
all common choices for those buying another home. If you’re in the
market for a second home, what should you be looking for? This guide
has everything you need to know.


good second home should be somewhere you can go in order to get away
from it all. They’re the ideal place to relax and unwind, and so you
want a home that’s located in beautiful surroundings. Some pre
construction homes in Weston FL fit the bill perfectly. Set amongst
local wildlife and offering beautiful views, they’re the perfect
place to relax when you’re looking to take a load off.


is important, no matter what you want your second home for. For
example, say you’re hoping to rent the home out when you’re not
staying there. You could pick an area that’s nearby tourist hotspots.
The right home would be away from the main tourist areas, but close
enough so guests can get there easily. These kinds of homes are in
high demand with vacationers, so you’ll get plenty of bookings. Of
course, when you’re in town, that means you can take advantage of
what’s on offer too.

Place You Can Put Down Roots

homes are very popular with the 50+ market, and with good reason. If
you pick the right home, you can set down roots there when you
retire. Picking an area with a good climate and good local resources
is vital if this is your plan. Once you find it, you can spend time
visiting and building up relationships in the area, before you move
there for good. It’s the best way of finding a better retirement

Offer Bespoke Services

you’re thinking of a condo as your second home, they’re fantastic for
extra services that you never knew you needed. It’s a good idea to
look into condos, as the services are a major selling point. For
example, many offer access to private gyms and swimming pools for
their residents. There’s more unique services too, such as private
concierge services and even beauty salons! Shop around and see what’s
on offer in the area you’re looking to buy in.

Construction Homes Are Totally Up To Date

you’re looking around, you’ll see that you have a lot of options for
homes. An existing building can be tempting, but new homes in Weston
FL can actually be a real boon to you as a second home. Why? Because
as they’re brand new, they’re totally up to date. All the appliances
installed will be brand new so you know you don’t have to worry about
them for years to come. Some companies will even give you a say in
what’s installed, for example the finish on the kitchen counter or
the color of the walls. It’s perfect as the home’s ready for you as
soon as it’s finished.

May Be Eligible For Tax Breaks

on where you live, and where your second home is, you may be eligible
for some tax breaks. Do your research before picking a new home. If
you can get tax relief on your second home, it could make it cheaper
than you’d think. That puts a second home within reach of many people
who thought they couldn’t have one before.

A Home That’s Really ‘You’

when you’re picking a second home make sure you’re picking one that’s
right for you. You may be thinking of renting it out when you’re not
there, but remember that first and foremost it’s your home. The
location would be good for tourists, but is it somewhere you’d want
to live? Make sure you’re keeping your needs in mind as you shop
around. You’ll find a home that’s perfect for you when you need a
change of scenery.

Keep these tips in mind as you’re looking for your second home.
You’ll be able to find a home that’s unique to you, and perfect for
your needs. That perfect home is just around the corner!

yourself in a place of simple pleasures and timeless beauty. A place
where the memories you create
a lifetime. A place called Botaniko
surrounded by open green spaces makes it a wonderful place to live,
play, and entertain, with a quality of life and natural beauty that
are unsurpassed in the surrounding area.
of private walking, jogging, and biking trails intertwine with the
lushly landscaped green spaces, making luxury
homes in Weston Fl
a truly unique enclave within the community. With thoughtful design
at every turn, it’s the perfect home
for all.

homes in Weston fl
that offer beauty and tranquility while creating a lasting
condominiums are significant
because of its world-class team of groundbreaking
architects Chad Oppenheim, FAIA and Roney J. Mateu, FAIA have created
an idyllic setting where warm, modern homes live in perfect harmony
with nature’s serene surroundings. Dense greenery unfolds around
lakes and walking paths that bring nature to your door.

the area’s most contemporary development, Botaniko
joins a pristinely planned community that is not only one of the most
coveted in South Florida, but also a model for other cities to
emulate. Safe, active, and family-oriented, Weston is the perfect
place to live.

of Condo pre-construction

homes new developments,
it’s a commodity that can be found in abundance, inside and out.
residences at condominium park elevates the perspective of South
Florida living.
is a place to build a lifetime of memories in the most inviting
landscape. Residents of Weston enjoy access to fourteen meticulously
maintained park and recreational facilities, a rich array of
year-round cultural and community events, and a beautiful
Mediterranean-style Town Center with shopping, dining, and nightlife

along the edge of Florida’s Everglades National Park, with over
2,200 acres of wetland preserves that support a diverse ecological
population, the exclusive community of Weston brings nature’s
finest gifts together with a dynamic lifestyle and an outstanding
level of security.

construction homes in Weston fl
will offer a sophisticated collection of 125 architecturally
distinctive homes within the exceptional community of Weston.
Designed by architects Chad Oppenheim and Roney J. Mateu, FAIA, and
landscape architect Jefre, it will be a timelessly elegant gated
community along historic Florida
Inspired by the South Florida lifestyle, Oppenheim’s
architecture is a celebration of the garden and a stage for the
enjoyment of special moments with family and friends. The most
cherished elements of a traditional home have been reinterpreted and
made modern with beautiful wood, stone, and glass, this is dramatic
architecture that is also warm and inviting.

the most up to date condominiums for sale at Botaniko. They have
residences ranging in size from four to six bedrooms in price range
of $2,195,000 to $3,000,000. In
the resident’s
gardens, the ocean, the park and the city come together in an urban
eden. Outside, the shimmering blues of swimming pool and ocean dazzle
the eye. There’s space to breathe, room to think, time to be, right
here on Miami’s golden sands.


& Butler Service
They offer top-of-line At
Your Service, is developing a personal, face-to-face relationship,
providing a variety of services
or requests
tailored to the needs of each resident. Each resident will have
access via their Samsung
iPad to reserve and request different specialties

They offer a
acres of
wetland preserves that support a diverse ecological population.

much more than just running
it will provide wellness for the mind, body and soul. The ultimate
personal experience where residents feel the warm
weather and have a relaxing trail to walk and run with family or

with staffed .24
hours a day with
cameras and state-of-the-art closed circuit television.

of Condominium

offer extraordinary
spaces of private pool within gated community. Every
building is designed with summer
kitchens, full suite
of Premium appliances,
of glass, polished concrete floors in public spaces
and hardwood floors in the bedrooms.

you looking to make a move? Are you in search for the best cities to
live? Then look no further move to the most stunning and bustling
city that can change your life in ways you never expected. Weston,
Florida is the place to start fresh where you’ll find art
festivals, concerts, lush distinctive neighborhoods. Who doesn’t
dream about owning their own place.

your own place opens up many avenues for independent living, personal
space and enjoyment of having your place to yourself. Well if you’re
searching for the perfect place for your first home, consider luxury
homes in Weston fl
to start. Condo living in Weston, Florida offers a
place of simple pleasures and timeless beauty. A place where the
memories you create
a lifetime.
surrounded by open green spaces makes it a wonderful place to live,
play, and entertain, with a quality of life and natural beauty that
are unsurpassed in the surrounding area.
of private walking, jogging, and biking trails intertwine with the
lushly landscaped green spaces, making Weston
a truly unique enclave within the community. With thoughtful design
at every turn, it’s the perfect home
for all.

in a condominium is a fast and growing trend among newlyweds, young
professionals and small families. Let’s explore why new
homes in Weston fl
are great for natural lighting in a condo for you, your family or


you use natural light in your home and the warmth that comes from the
sun as your heating source in some of the rooms of your home, you’ll
save significant energy and reduce your utility bill. In addition,
energy efficient windows are also a great way to save money on
utility costs and do a great job in reducing energy usage and
minimizing your negative impact on the environment.

mind and body
bodies crave natural light and if we don’t get enough of it, your
body and mental state can suffer. Natural light – especially in
– can bolster productivity and allows for enhanced concentration.
Garden windows are also a great window installation option, so you
can take advantage of the sunlight to grow small plants, herbs, or

Lighting provides comfort

nothing nicer than sitting back in a warm and sunny spot in your
living room in your favorite chair. Utilizing the sun’s position at
home can help keep it comfortable, no matter what the season is
outside. Learn how the sun is positioned throughout the day so you
can maximize and control the daylight effectively. During the colder
months, keep your curtains open so you can use the heat from the
light. During the warmer months, keep the blinds cracked or closed so
the direct sunlight doesn’t overheat your space. Bay windows are
great windows that can help you relax, because they usually have
three large windows encased by a lovely bench or seating area. On a
nice spring day, imagine grabbing your favorite book and blanket and
sitting down to relax in your window.

There is
a never-ending debate in the real estate world. This, of course, is
the house versus the condominium and which one is better? While each
has its own benefits and drawbacks, it ultimately comes down to buyer
or renter’s personal preferences. In addition, what if it was
possible to combine elements and features of homes and condos into
one comprehensive unit? Such is the case with Botaniko

– an industry leader in residential designs. Botaniko
residences fuse modern and contemporary condo amenities with
traditional home lifestyles. In fact, they are proud to offer the
following for all clients:

  • Luxury
    homes in Weston, FL

    with plenty of natural light, vibrancy, and picturesque backdrops.
  • Large
    windows, terraces, patios and yards that are streamlined with
    condo-like structures and features.
  • Exquisite
    views, scenic imagery, and environmentally-friendly homes situated
    within serene and tranquil environments.
  • Spacious
    yards, nautical activities, and instant access to surrounding
    greenery – parks – with Mother Nature at her finest.
  • Cozy
    interiors, Wi-FI, fireplaces, ample leg and storage room. Formal
    living and dining rooms, modern kitchens with smart appliances and
    contemporary designs that unify décor with function and
  • Safe
    and protected communities – close proximity to schools,
    entertainment venues, fine dining and much more.

Homes – the Future is Now

Homes new developments

are unlike anything else. From Oppenheim to Mateu Residences, they
have created immaculate homes that are elegantly designed at every
turn. Imagine lounging in the pool area while enjoying the palm tree
breezes and immaculate weather? How about a round of golf or playtime
with the kids in the wide open green spaces that encompass these
establishments? Botaniko
has truly taken the luxuries of homes and merged them with the
extravagance of high-rise condos and penthouses. In fact, you have an
option of single or two-story homes – all uniquely created to
ensure innovation, inspiration, and anything your heart desires.

When it
comes to new
homes in Weston, FL, Botaniko

will truly achieve all your desired results. Whether for new couples,
families, or business-minded singles – these homes are in great
demand and continue to soar in popularity.

Amenities and Features

natural environment that surrounds Weston is as unique as its
lifestyle. In fact, the area borders the Florida Everglades with over
2,200 acres of wetland preserves. There are plenty of parks adjacent
to the residences, along with equestrian facilities and one of the
best soccer academies in the region. From sports and cycling to
hiking and walking – Botaniko

is truly a nature lover’s paradise. Here are some more points to

  • The
    area is truly elegant, private and home to 121-acres of beautiful
    homes and community life.
  • Plenty
    of jogging paths, fishing, canoeing, and aquatic activities.
  • All
    homes feature the latest in wireless technologies – smart
    appliances, central heating and cooling, built-in entertainment
    centers, LED TV, exquisite and spacious kitchens and rooms as big as
  • Close
    proximity to Town Center for all shopping, dining and nightlife
  • World-class
    restaurants, lavish eateries, fine schools, and minutes from
    business centers – the perfect area to work and raise a family in.
  • Botaniko

    is ranked No. 15 of the Best Places to Live in America.

Live Your
Dreams Today

If you
are debating between a home and condo, you’re not alone. There are
so many families that are simply confused when it comes to
buying/renting homes or condos. However, Botaniko
has hopefully ended the debate by showcasing a lavish, elegant and
practical community that offers the best of both worlds. Whether you
love traditional family life or the upbeat, vibrant and energetic
lifestyle synonymous with condos – you get it all at the Weston. If
interested in purchasing a new home in Weston, Botaniko should be on
the top of your list. They offer virtual tours for interested
investors, as well as onsite tours and walk-throughs of all model and
showroom homes. This is a great way to experience the wonders of this
amazing community, while learning more about the homes and their many
iconic features.

For more
information, simply contact Botaniko or check out their reviews
online. You can also access essential information by visiting their
website and blog as well.

many people get excited to decorate for Christmas, others love
getting out all things orange and black and decking their condo for
Halloween. Halloween is an exciting time for everyone. Between
trick-or-treaters and friendly neighbors, your house gets plenty of
foot traffic during October. Do you want your home to be the envy of
all your neighbors? Check out these outdoor Halloween decorations to
haunt up your new
construction homes in Weston FL
sun deck for a scary and spooky Halloween, these tips will help you
make your home extra fun and spooky this year.

an Eyetacular Night at Pre-construction homes
in Weston FL

may be weeks away, but as all you Halloween-obsessed already know,
it’s never too early to start spook-flying your home. Plus, a head
start might be wise if you’re planning on decking out your home
with spooky decorations. Before you can set up the greatest Halloween
yard decorations ever, you’ll need to start with your sun deck.

create this eerie embellishment, you’ll need about eight dozen
glow-in-the-dark rubber eyeballs that you can buy online at
amazon.com for $7.99 and a 12-inch foam wreath form Dollar Tree,
Family Dollar or Wal-Mart for $5.00 or more. Wrap the form in black
crepe streamers and secure with straight pins. Poke a hole in the
back of one eyeball with the sharp end of a flatheaded pin; then
insert the pin’s flat end into the hole.

a thimble to protect your finger, press the pin halfway in. Push the
sharp end of the pin into the form. Repeat until the wreath is full
and hang as desired. The best part is you can even take any extra
eyeballs you have lying around and make a mask out of it!

Guests Welcome at New
homes in Weston FL

Graveyard: Deck out your front door and sun deck area with spooky
graveyard-inspired decorations. The boarded-up door sure is creepy,
but what really sells the look is the spooky eerie fog!

time to get your goblins and ghouls out – Halloween is fast
approaching! The graveyard scene steals the show from all the other
displays in the front yard or sun deck. It’s spooky but not too
scary and is a delight to all who see it, especially at night. There
are many, many photos taken in this Halloween graveyard!

can use a variety of items and materials. You can purchase these
items on online or at an old theater full of props of HANGING DEM
MACHINE. If you would like to do it yourself, these basic supplies
you’ll need: fishing line. green wire &/or covered wire.
wire cutters. scissors. foundation stakes or wooden plant stakes.
exterior extension cords. hammer.

Keep Out! Hanging Cobwebs and Glittering Décor Weston
homes new developments

you hang them from the porch or place some directly on the door,
cheesecloth cobwebs look especially eye-catching alongside black
birdcages and seasonal throw pillows. For a spookier touch, add white
webbing to your door.

gilded pumpkins and a shimmering cluster of golden fruit are easy to
achieve with metallic gold spray paint and gold leaf. For fun
patterns, prep the surface of your decor first with a base coat, and
then add washi tape designs before applying your gold leaf. Once
done, peel off the tape for lovely black and gold patterns.

Caution! Zombie Crossing

about spooking this year’s trick-or-treaters with an army of the
undead? Looking for Halloween yard ideas that will give your
neighbors chills? You can never go wrong with zombies, why not use
the popular TV show The Walking Dead.

Thanks to The Walking Dead, you’ve
been secretly preparing for the day zombies attack. Recreate the
apocalyptic look with black foam core board, wood planks, skeleton
arms, and hands and eyes that you can make out of ping pong balls.
Make your own zombie heads and arms and stick them in the ground, as
if they were coming out from a grave. Add a few tombstones here and
there for a very ’80s “zombies coming to life” effect. Meta
Description: Check out Botaniko
Weston condos to deck up
your sun deck this Halloween season.

The spooky season is now upon us,
and it’s time to celebrate all things Halloween. Are you ready to
host the ultimate scary bash in your own condo? Here’s just some of
the ways you can throw the party of a lifetime.

Set The Scene With The Right

Firstly, you’ll need some perfectly
eerie background music. The internet is full to the brim with
Halloween soundtracks, so start searching on Youtube and Spotify to
find some tunes that you can stream. You can go for party tunes that
your guests can dance to, or Halloween sound effects that make your
condo sound like an abandoned graveyard, late at night. It’s up to
you, but you’ll find lots and lots of options online.

Find The Right Space

Where will your party be? You can
hold it in your condo, but many new condo developments, such as
Botaniko Weston, have other options for you. There are shared outdoor
spaces if the weather is warm enough, perfect for a bonfire or
setting off fireworks if your management allows these things. In some
developments there are shared community spaces too, so you can use
them for your party. It certainly beats having to clean up your condo
after all the guests have left.

Have A Theme

It’s Halloween, so of course your
guests are going to dress up and get into the spirit. However, some
may find it difficult to pick out a costume that’s right for them.
Make it easier on them by coming up with a theme. You can search
around to find one that’s right for you, or come up with one that
reflects you and your interests. For example, why not try ‘Movie
Monsters’ or Slasher Flicks’ your theme? You can use it to inform the
way you decorate, too.

Dot The Candy Around Your Home

What kind of Halloween party is it
without candy? You’ll need to dot some of it around your home, to
ensure that your guests have something to snack on all night long.
The best trick is to put it in the places that you want your guests
to be. For example, if you have an open plan living space, as many
luxury homes in Weston FL have, then you can place candy in the
kitchen and living areas. Don’t forget to leave a bowl by the front
door for the trick or treaters.

Go All Out On Decorations

The right decorations will really
make your party come alive, and you don’t need to spend thousands on
them to get the right effect. Paper streamers and wall hangings can
look amazing on your walls. Try shredding garbage bags to create
curtains across your doors. Turn the lights down, and hang string
lights around for a softer and more spooky lighting effect. You can
also do the same by lighting candles and turning the lighting down.

Play Some Games

Who doesn’t love a good game? If
you’ve got guests that don’t know each other, then you can help them
unwind and make friends by adding in a few games for fun. Apple
bobbing is always a favorite, and it’s easy to prepare. Musical
chairs is another good game that your guests will remember from their
childhood. Don’t make the games too structured though, as people will
still want to mingle and relax while they’re there.

Bring Out The Finger Foods

Now to what you’ll serve your guests
at your party. They can’t live on sandy alone, after all. As everyone
will be in costume, it’ll be much easier if you create a buffet of
finger foods for them to pick at as the night goes on. It’s easier
for you too, as you’ll be spending less time cooking on the day. A
lot of finger foods can be just put in the oven to warm up, just
before the party starts.

Now you know how to throw the
perfect Halloween party in your condo. Get the decorations out, get
the finger foods cooking, and find a theme that your guests will
love. With the right tunes and some fun and games, it’s a party that
no one will forget.

Meta description: It’s nearly
Halloween, and that means it’s time to start planning your Halloween
party! Here’s how you can throw a party that all your guests will be
talking about.