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Affordable condos for expats

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is a community whose developers aspire to create a place for their
residents to reside in surroundings full of lush, tropical nature
with an architectural design plan incorporated to include a
contemporary living flair. As these new
homes in Weston Florida
are being constructed, they are becoming a desired destination for
many potential residents from all walks of life. With the diverse
culture in Weston Florida, there is an immediate demand for expats
within many of the local industries. While these valuable and
esteemed professionals are temporarily away from their countries,
making them comfortable is a priority for the employers,
organizations, and government or non-government organizations in
which they work for. The condos offered at Botaniko
are a desirable choice for housing expats during their stay in the
United States of America due to it’s comfortable living
arrangements that it provides to it’s residents.

Traveling with Their Families

Weston Florida and it’s surrounding areas have some of the best
private and public schools available for children. For expats this
can be a significant perk when they are temporarily placed in a new
location with their family. The condos at the prestigious Botaniko
development are ideal for families not only because of their location
placing them within this top rated school district but also because
of Weston’s reputation for their low crime rate and safe
neighborhoods. Additionally, the lush outdoor amenities in this
living community are geared toward creating a place where families
can enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. The grounds are equipped with
jogging lanes and bicycle and walking paths which are shaded and
lavishly landscaped.

in Culture

temporarily relocating to Weston, Florida are likely to feel
comfortable in their surroundings due to the melting pot of cultures
that are within this prestigious community. With English being the
first language of America, in Weston a language that often dominates
English is the Spanish language. This diverse culture is not limited
to only American and Latin families though, there are migrants from
all parts of the world that chose to plant their roots in Weston as
they pursue their career in surrounding areas. The demand for these
esteemed professionals is a growing necessity. Qualified expats
greatly contribute to the community and the business economy when
they accept work assignments near Weston Florida and use their
expertise to improve the businesses that employ them.

Work Commutes

provides the best in Weston
homes new
it makes the town of Weston a desired place for living while these
workers are on their temporary assignments. Most of the job industry
offering careers for these individuals are based out of areas such as
Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, etc. These locations require a
minimum of an hour plus commute to work one way; however, the living
arrangements at Botaniko
are so desirable that this is a common choice among residents and
expats alike. They work in surrounding cities and enjoy their home
lives in Weston, Florida.

Desirable Location for an Expat’s Temporary Assignment

with it’s tropical climate is known as a top tourist and vacation
destination in the United States. Weston Florida is a city in Florida
that is in high demand for those looking for a great place to raise a
family and for a safe and secure community. The developers of
are award winning architects known for their contemporary designs.
Because this city is so close to the Everglades, nature is
artistically incorporated into this living environment to give
residents a feel of comfort and serenity in their natural setting.
For expats traveling to Weston, Florida on work orders, the condos at
are a desirable location for their temporary living assignment
because of the high quality of life they can enjoy while residing
there. They are in a safe city and have access to many resources to
make their daily work commutes easy for their busy schedules. If
given the opportunity to travel to Weston Florida and pursue your
career, your choice to stay at Botaniko
will make your time in the United States an experience that you will
never forget. Visit Botaniko’s
website today to help with your important decision and see what is in

When you find the home of your
dreams, you may find it comes with HOA fees. What are they, and how
much are they going to add to your monthly living costs? Here’s
everything you’ll need to know about them, and why you should
consider moving into a community with a HOA.

What Is A HOA?

If you’re a first time buyer or
never encountered one before, you may not know what a HOA is. It’s an
abbreviation For Home Owner’s Association, and it’s responsible for
all the community areas around your home, that you can use. This can
cover all sorts of areas and utilities. For example, if you live in a
condo or apartment building, it’ll cover maintenance of shared areas
like hallways and lobbies, swimming pools, parking garages, and so

You’ll be asked to pay a monthly HOA
fee, which will be on top of your regular payments such as mortgage
and utility bills. Some buyers don’t like the idea of paying more,
but HOA fees cover a lot of work, and may even save you money in the
long run.

How Much Are HOA Fees?

HOA fees will differ depending on
where you’re living. This is because every community has different
amenities, and so the cost of upkeep will be different. To get an
accurate cost of how much your home will cost you, talk to your
realtor to get the prices.

On average though, a family home
will cost $200-$300 per month, depending on the size of the home and
the utilities available to them.

Where Does The Money Go?

So you pay your $200 a month to your
HOA, where is that money going? Home Owners Associations, such as
those at Botaniko homes, will be divided into two funds The first
fund is used to pay for monthly expenses such as utilities and upkeep
on the common areas. The other part is the reserve fund. This is kept
aside, and used for longer term projects that need to be done. For
example, it can be used for reroofing a part of the building, or for
emergency works such as fixing a burst pipe.

What Are The Benefits Of Paying
HOA Fees?

So you are paying extra money to
live in your home, but those fees give you a lot back in terms of
community and activities you can take part in. Here are just a few of
the benefits you’ll receive when you live in a HOA controlled home:

  • Utilities are often covered
    in your fees:
    In some communities, those fees you’ll pay will
    cover the daily bills that you have to pay. These will cover things
    like water, power, trash, and so on. You’ll need to ask when you’re
    house hunting, to see exactly what they cover. Having to pay only
    one bill to cover all these things is a real bonus when you move
    into your new home.
  • You get your pick of
    fantastic amenities:
    A HOA means that you’ve got access to all
    kinds of amenities in your community. Pre construction homes in
    Weston FL are coming up with all kinds of community benefits for
    their residents, including children’s play areas, spas, and even
    private screening rooms. You’ll be amazed at what’s available for
  • No more dealing with
    nuisance neighbors:
    Living in a HOA community means your
    neighbors are more likely to be mindful of others and their
    surroundings. If you are dealing with barking dogs, loud parties or
    trash in your shared areas though, the HOA will step in on your
    behalf. If you hate having to confront neighbors about things like
    this, it is a relief to have someone else help.
  • No more yard work: If
    you’re living in an area with outdoor spaces, you won’t have to
    maintain them. The HOA will arrange all that work for you. Who
    doesn’t want to avoid mowing a lawn?

There’s a lot of benefits to paying
HOA fees. They’re not as expensive as you’d think, and they take a
lot of worry off your shoulders. Take a look at what your prospective
HOA is offering you, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll get.

Meta description: What are
HOA fees, and how much do they cost you every month? Here’s what you
can expect to spend, and what you’ll get for your money.

you looking to move to Weston, Florida? Experience
one of South Florida’s most desirable communities. You can look
forward to the spacious beautiful gardens with orchids, roses and
lilies, enjoying the walking and jogging trails, and biking trails
intertwining with beautiful lushly landscaped green spaces, who
wouldn’t enjoy these perks within the Weston community.

Well if you’re searching for an
amazing place for yourself, your family, or your spouse as your new
home, consider Botaniko
Weston new developments to
start your life. If you are
looking to buy a condo, why would you buy one that someone else has
already lived in? Why not buy a condo that is completely brand new
from appliances, flooring and upgrades?

of buying a condo that someone else has already lived in, why not
purchase one that can be personalized to fit your sense of style,
comfort and personality to match? Let’s
explore why Pre-construction
condos at Weston
has it benefits for new homeowners who are looking
to enjoy Florida’s outdoors, as well as a sophisticated community,
beautiful location, and opulent amenities.

Buy the pre-construction homes
in Weston Fl?

you choose to buy a pre-construction home buying in a new
development, lifestyle, location, and budget will factor into your
decision. When buying a pre-construction condo there are certain
things you need to consider:

neighborhood in Weston has its pros and cons especially when buying
real estate, so you need to decide which one fits your lifestyle, the
commute of transportation for work and home and how the area will fit
into where you will live.

condo units in Weston offer a variety of amenities. According to the
VIP brochure of Weston homes, the Residences at Botaniko
Weston embrace the unique
character of their surroundings. Similarly, if you have a love for
the outdoors every home offers phenomenal outdoor space, open green
spaces and beautiful gardens. Do you want access to the finest dining
in town? At Weston there is array of cultural events, a
Mediterranean-style Town center with shopping, dining, and nightlife

other amenities are important to you? Do you want access to
breathtaking views and attractions in Weston? Why not visit the
historic Florida Everglades National Park or just enjoy the simple
comforts of your home from security alarm contacts on windows and
operable doors, gated community and resident features of Italian
kitchen cabinets, quartz countertop and Whirlpool washer and dryer.

in Building—What are you
looking for in views of location in building? Are you looking for
extravagant views of the city, parks, and delicious cuisine of
restaurants? Weston has it all from great location, excellent
neighborhood and spectacular views on all floors.

the type of floorplan, you want

homeowner has their own unique sense of style when it comes to
design. Choosing a floor plan that meets your needs is essential just
like choosing to buy a pre-construction condo. Do you prefer a floor
plan that is more traditional or an open floor plan concept? Also
make sure you think of furniture and how you want to decorate your
home. Here at Botaniko Weston, we have many floorplans you can choose

The two-story residence features five bedrooms, six and a half baths,
a media room, staff quarters, summer kitchen, 5,293 sf of indoor
areas and 2,840 sf of expansive outdoor areas, totaling 7,705 sf of
combined living space with an integrated swimming area and three -car

two-story residence features five bedrooms, nine and a half baths, a
loft area, media room, staff quarters, summer kitchen, 6,187 sf of
indoor areas and 2,584 sf of expansive outdoor areas, totaling 8,771
sf of combined living space with an integrated swimming area and
three-car garage.

The two-story residence features six bedrooms, eight and a half
baths, media room, staff quarters, summer kitchen, 7,138 sf of
elegant indoor areas and 2,396 sf of expansive outdoor areas,
totaling 9,534 sf of combined living space with an integrated
swimming area and four-car garage.

what type of exterior and interior customization for your condo?

to an article, The Pros and Cons of Buying New Construction condo, No
one knows your wants and needs better than you do. Buying a
pre-construction condo means that you get to pick out everything from
the color of your walls to the placement of every piece of furniture
and light fixtures. Meta Description: Check out why
new construction homes
in Weston FL are
perfect for moving into.

Process of Buying a Pre-Construction Condo

are a great way of purchasing a brand new home. This is because
they can be customized to fit your design needs. They
are a great way of finding a building in the location of your choice
and picking the unit of your choice within the building

get to decide on the floor plan and choose upgrade and customizations
you want. You also get new appliances, new amenities, and new
finishes. Appreciation and return on investment of a new
condo is greater than that of a resale condo.

units also have a time limited warranty in case anything
goes wrong within the duration.

couple of steps to consider

  • Check
    out what the city plans to do with the surrounding area of the site.
  • Do
    comparisons of the price per square foot and the current market
  • Take into consideration
    the timeframe that you want to move in a preconstruction home
    in Weston, Fl
    .If you are in a hurry to move, preconstruction is not for you.
  • Prepare
    your financing options to put down the deposit required by the
    construction company.
  • Select
    the layout that you want and interior design choices.
  • After
    submitting all your customizations prepare for the costing and the
    signing of the agreement.

Botaniko Weston is
an estate of high-end luxury homes
in Weston Florida. We
have detailed below some of the reasons why you may want to consider
purchasing a new
home in Weston, FL.

of private schools

Weston area provides access to high quality education to
families and communities in the West and Broward County.
The private schools available include but not limited to:

Heritage School which has an advanced college preparatory curriculum
and teaches pre-k through 12th grade. This fantastic school is
accredited by the National Council for Private Schools. It has a
1,000-seater theatre, an Olympic size pool, and a renowned
fine arts department program.

University School

is a private school that works in very close collaboration with NSU
University, a not-for-profit private university in the
State of Florida. Students here and have an unprecedented
access to college-level resources provided by NSU university. 

school’s robotic team was named number 1 in the State
of Florida, and its speech debate team ranked in the top 1%
of the nation


Acroyoga. This
is a health and fitness regimen incorporating acrobatics and yoga. It
combines the individual movements of yoga and the partner-based
activities of acrobatics. Acroyoga builds on core strength
and balance by adding in the lifts of acrobatics.

partner-based, acroyoga, builds trust, communication and
complete presence between the participating members.

Prana lab in Weston is a fully equipped Acroyoga studio in Weston,
Florida. A growing number of acroyoga enthusiasts flock at
the Prana Lab to participate in acroyoga exercises.

Acroyoga has number of
celebrity followers like Gisele
Bündchen, Adam Levine, and Lena Dunham.

Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)

in 1992 by Steve Ziegler, a former player coach.
With an initial membership of 100 kids, it has grown into a
3,000-player program and one of the largest most respected youth
soccer clubs in the nation. It was the first amateur soccer group in
the Weston area of Florida.

FC, also launched by Ziegler is an official US soccer
development academy program. One of his ambassadors
is Alejandro Bedoya, a product of the academy who has
represented the US men’s national team and played 4 games
for the US  in the 2014 World Cup.

provides grounds for children to naturture their soccer
talent from amateur to the world stage football

Botaniko Weston

to the very minimalist approach.that brings out a great product as
frugally and as budget consciously as possible. This world
vision is a result of collaboration of a team of
world-renowned architects and designers brought together by Tarra’s
 David Martin. Let’s look at some of the team

– Terra

award-winning Miami based real estate development company
founded by Pedro Martin and David Martin. The firm
chooses projects that have a positive impact on the surrounding.

– Mateu Architecture

A renowned
firm with over 65 awards of excellence from the American
Institute of Architects, AIA. Is also core part of the
leading design team for this project.

– Oppenheim Architecture 

renowned architectural firm with over 45 year awards and 60
career distinctions that creates products that are as beautiful as
they are functional.


advisory firm providing research analysis planning and design and
marketing sales for luxury real estate


interior design design company founded by international
tennis champion Venus Williams that provides full
service to commercial and residential design.

architecture – landscape design workshop

responsible for providing award-winning landscape architecture and
design that extends into the living room to the outdoors.

team- TERRA Realty affirm

offers a broad range of realtor services and buyer engagement.

Contact us
today for new homes in
Weston, Florida.


Potential home
owners have a variety of options when it comes to getting their
dream home. They can buy a used home that has already been lived
in or they can purchase a brand new home while it is still in
the pre-construction phase.

will look at some of the pros and cons of buying a pre-construction
home in Weston, Florida.

is brand spanking new

construction homes in Weston, Fl  are completely
new entities, from the walls, the floors the roof structures. Even
the fixtures inside the home are brand new. This means that the
home will provide you with many years of service before any
maintenance is required.

everything is new, the buyer contact the agent to decide and go
through the floor plans that suits styles that they feel meets their

are a variety of floor plans that the purchaser can pick from. It is
highly probable that the purchaser will find a floor plan that makes
them happy. Simply contact Botaniko Weston for
a glimpse of the vast array of floor plans we have available for our
pre-construction units.

is a widely known fact that the return of investment on buying a
pre-construction unit is much higher than purchasing a used
home. Again this is because everything is new in a
pre-construction home. Your investment is also protected by the
warranty provided by the developer.

homes also adhere to the latest building codes and building
technology. For example, a new home would be built with the
latest earthquake withstanding technology whereas an older
home may not have the same building technology.

example is that the in-house plumbing of new homes is made of
corrosion-resistant PVC unlike older homes which relied on
copper and cast-iron plumbing. The latter has to be replaced at some
point within the lifetime of the building at a prohibitive cost to
the homeowner.

As a
final point pre-construction homes are open to
the customization of the buyer. You truly build the
home of your dreams.

of Preconstruction homes

is true that the quality of construction varies among builders.
Typically, a homebuyer does not know the quality of work put into
their new home. However, for Botaniko Weston, we
are very transparent with the team that took part in developing
our luxurious homes.

developer, architects, interior designer, business
advisory, and sales team are all transparently listed on
our website. If you’re shopping for new
construction homes in Weston, Fl, with
Botaniko Weston,
you know the team that built your home.


homes are built in carefully selected areas with great preexisting
amenities and also include custom-designed additional amenities.
The Botaniko Weston based
in Florida, provides access to the following

schools like NSU
University School and American
Heritage School. These high fly institutions
are within Broward County and
within the convenient reach of Botaniko Weston. Children
are provided with the best when it comes to education and sporting

Weston area also boasts of Weston FC, an official US soccer
development academy program. It helps nurture the talent of
children from amateur to professional soccer players. One of the
students of this program has represented the US national soccer team
in the world cup stage.


homes are built with the latest energy efficient technology. The
largest part of the utility energy bill is usually the HVAC
component. This is heating and cooling. This cost is
incurred because that temperature of the house is influenced by the
external temperature.

However, with
good insulation, the temperature within the home is isolated from
that outside. We therefore need very little heating do in
the home during winter and also very little cooling to cool
down the home during summer.

homes in Weston Fl
take advantage of the latest development in home installation
technology which includes spray insulation, this reduces unwanted
heat gain or heat loss from the home.

also provide the option of green energy where the potential buyer
asks developer if they can incorporate solar energy
and other energy saving features in their new home. It
is much cheaper to do this on the onset than to retrofit this
energy savers on a pre-existing home.

these are some of the advantages of buying a new
construction homes in Weston,


Contact us today for pre-construction home
in Weston, Fl.

Four Cool Animals Make Weston Home Too

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you love the sun, untamed animals in their natural habitat, abundant
plant life, and the water, then you can send a post card to the Lord
and tell him you have found the near-perfect place to await him in
Botaniko Weston.

Weston is positioned on the borders of the Everglades National Park.
A serene, scintillating, and secure place to call home. And if nature
herself had not done a brilliant job creating a paradise, the
residences here are designed and built to create harmony between
inside and outside, home and the human need for shelter and the
ecosystem surrounding it. Like their surroundings, they are almost
defy description – lavish. original. ecologically sensitive.
daring. dainty. Architects imitated a concept from the Native
Americans regarding the harmony of body and mind for the over-all
health of a being. Harmony of man and every other life form is at
the forefront of every design detail of our residences.

Nature did the splendid groundwork and now the architects have
literally built on that foundation in terms of design. Being next to
the Everglades means there are a number of very interesting and
fascinating wild species here. That there are snakes, alligators,
and crocodiles are a given. Who would not expect to find those here?
Alligators are even found in some parts of North Carolina, South
Carolina, Georgia, further south all the way to parts of Texas. No
disrespect to the alligators for they are amazing creatures, but show
me something new. Right?

really interesting creature found in the area is the manatee, also
called a sea cow. It is herbivorous just as a bovine is even though
it is a marine animal. I guess one could say a cattle ranch owned by
a U.S. Armed Services man uniformed in green also has “marine
animals” but some are likely to argue that point(LOL). Manatees
are large animals just as a cow, or bovine. And, even though they are
totally water dwellers just as cows are land dwellers, they are
mammals, like bovines, and nurse their young through teats in the
same way cows do. Their mouths are equipped to chew water plants
just as a cow’s mouth is equipped to chew grass. They are
typically slow eaters as land cows are and docile, easy-going
creatures. This area can show you these fascinating animals if you
have not met one.

fascinating creature found here that not everyone thinks about in
this area is the black panther or black jaguar. The same animal in
Asia or Africa is called a leopard while in the Americas the animal
is black in color. They are cats, which may explain why they are not
the first animal that comes to mind when one thinks of the
Everglades. Why would there be cats in a place with a lot of water,

of the most fascinating is the Orca, or killer whale. You may be
surprised to know they are often referred to as “wolves of the sea”
because of their tendency to live and hunt together just as a pack of
wolves except they are aquatic. Their name “killer whale” is a
misnomer for two reasons. First, they are actually dolphins, the
largest of the species. Their coloring varies on where they live but
they are found in every ocean. Ancient sailors called them killers
because they have been seen to feed on a whale corpse just as a pack
of wolves will devour a carcass. But they are not the attackers the
old fishermen labeled them to be.

black bear is one that is not easily forgotten. It, too, is not a
creature that comes first to mind at the thought of the Everglades.
One tends to think of bears as mountain dwellers. But we have our own
subspecies of the animal here. They tend to be solitary animals
except during mating season. Unlike a dog or some other mammals,
male black bears do not mark or defend a territory.

you’re buying a new or pre construction condo, or you have a night in
one booked as a treat to yourself, a night in can be the perfect way
to relax. A luxury condo offers all kinds of ways to kick back and
have the perfect night in, away from the world. What can you do to
make your night away from the hustle and bustle of the city perfect?
Here’s four ideas to get you started.

Have The Perfect Bubble Bath

matter where you are, if there’s a bath tub you can have a relaxing
bubble bath. Nothing’s better than lying back in the warm water after
a hard day, just taking some time to yourself. It’s the best way to
decompress after you’ve been working hard, as you spend some time
just by yourself.

you’re in a luxury condo, you can make the experience even better.
Depending on the bathroom your condo complex offers, you can have all
kinds of luxury perks that make bath time that much better. Most will
offer oversized tubs, meaning you can really spread out and enjoy
your bath without having to fold yourself in, like you would in a
regular tub. Many also come with jets, turning your bathtub into a
veritable hot tub. Add a bath bomb, a book and a glass of wine, and
you’re all set for a good night in.

Have A Movie Night

you missed the latest movies and want to catch up? Maybe you want an
excuse to curl up on the sofa and eat popcorn. Whatever the reason, a
movie night can be the best thing to do in a luxury condo. If you’re
renting one, you’ll notice that it probably comes with a big screen
TV, and plenty of ways to watch movies on it. A streaming device can
easily be plugged in and used to send movies directly to the TV, so
you can start watching with minimal fuss.

you’re looking to make snacks, you’re in luck too. Even if you go to
the kitchen for something to eat, you’re not going to miss anything
thanks to the open concept plan of most new condos. You can stay in
the loop even if you need a drink or more popcorn.

Hold A BBQ In The Sun

the weather is good, then why not get outside and soak up some rays
with your friends? The best way to do this is with a good BBQ. Most
luxury condos, such as the Botaniko Weston homes, have access to
purpose built, private outdoor spaces. You can take in nature while
catching up with your friends. Even better, you can invite your
neighbors so you can get to know them. It’s a good way of meeting
them if you’ve only moved in recently.

the Weston homes new developments are made with nature in mind, you
can spend the night watching it unfold around you. There’s a lot of
joy to be found in watching birds from your balcony, or sitting in
shared spaces with friends, watching animals go by.

Order In Dinner

a lot to be said for good take out. At the end of a long day when
you’re tired and just want to come home and flop on the sofa, you
don’t want to get into cooking dinner. A take out meal can be just
what the doctor ordered.

doesn’t mean that you have to eat any old take out though. Most
luxury condos come with a concierge service, that can be invaluable
in times like these. Talk to them and ask them who they can
recommend. They’ll have a fantastic knowledge of the local area, and
be able to direct you to some of the most delicious and underrated
take out restaurants near you. Take advantage of their knowledge and
have a delicious dinner without the effort.

These are just four ways you can enjoy a night in in your luxury
condo tonight. Take advantage of the amenities available to you, and
take the time to relax and unwind in luxurious settings.

Best Weekend Beach Getaways Near Miami

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the winter starts to approach, your thoughts start turning to warmer
climes. Even if you’re already living in some of the luxury homes in
Weston FL that are already going up, you’ll want to get away from the
hustle and bustle of everyday life for a weekend or two. Whatever the
reason, you need a weekend getaway that’s near Miami. Here’s three of
the best spots to check out for the perfect beach getaway.

Mid Beach, Miami

in 2010, Mid Beach wasn’t considered a vacation destination by most.
Ever since then, though, there have been hotels going up to house
those who are looking for a quiet scene, somewhere they can relax and
enjoy their getaway away from the crowds.

you’re looking for a more laidback spot to spend your vacation, why
not try the Soho Beach House? This hotel was the first to stake out
Mid Beach as a desirable location. The hotel mixes British ideals
from their owners alongside Latin influences, which can be seen
everywhere from their bar to the decorations in the rooms.

you’re looking for a decadent weekend away from the kids, where all
you have to do is lay on the beach and work on your tan, this is it.
Take advantage of the luxurious surroundings and easy access to less
populated beaches, and you’ll be sure to have a good time.

North Beach Village, Fort Lauderdale

people want a super laidback vacation. They want to unplug, and get
away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. If this sounds
like you, you’ve got to check out North Beach Village in Fort
Lauderdale. Under the leadership of Swedish investor Par Olof Sanda,
who owns 22 hotels in the area, it’s become the perfect place for
those who want to unwind.

you’ll notice here are lots more people on bikes, as cars aren’t
really needed here. An extensive bike sharing program ensures that
you have access to bikes whenever you need them. What could be better
than riding along the coastline with the wind in your hair?

of the best things about the North Beach Village is the crowd that it
attracts. European families love to come here and unwind, and there’s
a large LGBT friendly following here. Whoever you are, you’ll feel
welcomed there and have the best time on your weekend away.

Key West

West has long been a favorite for those looking to get away, and it’s
not hard to see why. When you head to Key West, you really are
getting away from it all. All you have to do is leave your hotel and
you’re in an area famed for their bars and restaurants, perfect if
you love having a drink in new and exciting places.

those who are literary fans, you can trail Ernest Hemingway all
around Key West. He spent a lot of time there, so you can fish where
he fished, or visit his haunts such as Blue Heaven, which used to be
a popular boxing location that he used to frequent. You can also
visit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum to learn more about
Hemingway and his travels.

West isn’t far away, but it feels like it’s a world away. Living in
Miami, you can easily get to Key West for a weekend away, so make the
most of it. You’ll love relaxing in the sun on this beach getaway.

Is The Perfect Starting Point For A Vacation

you love the beach, then you’re going to want to live there all year
round. You can head out on Miami beach vacations, but why not take
advantage of all the new construction that’s happening in the area?
For example, the Botaniko Weston developments are new luxury condos
that are perfect for anyone who wants a slice of the Florida
lifestyle for themselves.

These are just three destinations near Miami that you’ve got to check
out if you’re in the area. Take your weekend away and make the most
of a vacation in the sun. You live so close, it would be rude not to
take advantage of it.

So, you just move to the beautiful
sunshine state of Florida. You are contemplating getting a condo with
multiple bedrooms. However, you’re not quite sure what you would
use all that extra space for? Having that little extra space can be a
very good thing. Here are some of the ways that a single person can
make excellent use of multiple bedrooms at luxury
homes in Weston, Florida and
be quite comfortable.

Your Own Den at Pre
Construction homes in Weston, Fl

fact that you’re looking for multiple bedrooms at luxury
homes in Weston, Florida
paves the way for having a formal living area plus your own den. Dens
are typically more casual and provide the perfect personal space for
your creative side to flow. You can transform your den into your own
sanctuary of putting a music system, mini art collection, large flat
screen television and comfortable furniture.

That New
Construction Homes in Weston, Fl
Bedroom into Your Own Home Office

not everyone is happy having a computer desk cluttering up that one
corner or massive space of their bedroom. One way you can put those
multiple bedrooms to use at luxury
homes in Weston, Florida is
set it up as a home office. Along with providing a place for your
laptop or desk stop to reside, scanner, printer, fax, the office will
provide room for a few more things.

home office means room for a desk with a built-in file cabinet,
bookshelf, and the whole works. The space can also provide a way to
arrange your favorite reference books on shelves or serve as a place
to display awards, accomplishments or sports memorabilia you’ve
picked up over the years or anything else that you want to have out
and easy to see.

Place for Guests to Sleep at Weston
Homes New Developments

the traditional route and set up a guest bedroom in one of those
multiple bedrooms at luxury
homes in Weston, Florida.
This is a great option if you have relatives or friends who sometimes
come to town for a weekend. It also comes in handy if you have a
party and one of your friends has a little too much to drink.

of having to call a cab to take the friend home, the spare bedroom is
right there and ready for use. These are just a few of the ways you
can put a spare room to work. Before you pass up on a larger place
like a house just because you are single, stop and think about the
possibilities. It won’t take long to see why buying luxury
homes in Weston, Florida
makes a lot of sense.

a Future Play Room

always wanted a space where you could organize your little cousins,
nephews and nieces’ toys and stuff animals instead of having to
shove them in a closet. If you decide to buy one of luxury
homes in Weston, Florida,
there will be extra space to turn that multiple bedroom into a future
playroom. Are you planning to get married one day and start a family
with your future husband? Why not put together a future playroom for
your children so they can run around, play games and relax.

Higher Quality of Living at the
Pre-construction homes in Weston FL

luxury homes in Weston,
Florida is the place where
you will feel a part of a community. We have an exclusive gated
enclave of magnificent condos filled with a natural beauty that
combine perfectly with the unique ecological Weston community. Here
we offer the best of upscale living—tranquility and beauty of
nature, high culture, a vibrant society—meets an easy artistic

will love this South Florida’s most desirable community, we
represent a peaceful getaway from what has become one of South
Florida’s most sought-after places to live. This rare balance
between access and escape is one of the many factors that distinguish
modern life here at our condominiums.

in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida is a dream for many. With
plenty of sunshine, scenic natural beauty, and world-class amenities
found in the many residential developments, you can make this dream
of living a privileged life come true in this truly beautiful place.
One of the modern, most sophisticated offerings has been the
residential community of Botaniko Western. It was ranked no. 8 by
Time magazine
as the Best Places to Live in America. The community includes 125
homes on 121 acres of scenic lakes and pathways.

Western – a living paradise.
secure guard-gated community was designed by a world-renowned team of
architects and designers to give you the best of modern living. Matu
Architecture was selected as the firm to work on this community. With
over 34 years of design experience and many, many awards and
accolades in recognition of their excellent work meant that the same
excellence in a timeless architecture design would be seen in the
residences of Botaniko Western. Joining them was the architecture,
interior design, and planning firm of Oppenheim Architecture. This
firm again specializes in projects that establish a timeless
architecture which is beautiful and functional at the same time. V
Starr Interiors founded by international tennis champion Venus
Williams was chosen to work closely with clients to create fresh and
distinctive environments for them. Landscape Design Workshop worked
to provide unique spaces that extend the indoors to the outdoor
natural spaces for entertaining, dining, exercising, and more.
Together, this team worked to create a true paradise in Botaniko
Western for the homeowners to enjoy a truly luxurious Florida
lifestyle. The homes in the community do not stand out from the
surroundings, but instead meld into the surrounding green spaces.
With plenty of places nearby to shop, the best schools, parks, dining
destinations, and much more, residents can expect to live in an area
surrounded by luxurious amenities. Nothing you need for daily life is
more than a few minutes drive away from Botaniko. Most homes have
lakefront views, and every home includes a private pool, covered
patio, and an outdoor summer kitchen. The homes are fitted with
high-the modern appliances. A 24-hour guarded gatehouse with
state-of-the-art closed circuit television, security cameras, and
concierge services, means that you benefit from the best services and
amenities you need. Monthly HOA charges also include cable, internet,
and maintenance of the common green areas. This community is indeed a
jewel in the already safe, active, and family-oriented community of

Modern living in a
beautiful natural setting.
beauty and tranquility of Weston is one of the most important
features that adds to the exceptional quality of life offered by the
communities here. Weston also already boasts a rich array of
year-round cultural and community events. Botaniko Weston has
successfully had a positive impact on the natural surroundings of
Weston by creating residences and outdoor spaces that are very much
in keeping with the natural habitat with the aim of making the living
spaces work in harmony with the outdoors. The architecture of the
homes celebrates the natural environment and a minimalist approach to
design lets the outdoor environment become the focus. The one and
two-story contemporary-style homes at Botaniko range in size from 5
to 7 bedrooms. They provide an opportunity to buyers to call these
architecturally distinctive single-family estate residences home in
one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in South Florida. The
surrounding vegetation here is exquisite and residents will be able
to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Walking, running, or biking
along beautiful pathways and along a refreshing lake, having a picnic
in a cozy picnic area, carefully designed children’s play area with
swing sculptures, and much more is offered in this upscale community.
So while you are able to enjoy all the amenities of modern life, you
do so in a serene environment of lush green landscaped spaces.

To find out more about
Bitaniko Weston and for availability of homes to buy, contact their
sales office at 954.543.5596. Their staff would be happy to assist
you and answer any questions you may have. Before you know it, you
may be calling this sophisticated community your home!