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What to Expect When You Purchase a Pre Construction Home

When buying pre construction Weston fl, you need to understand the expectations before you get started, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Typically, pre-construction homes have more benefits and might be a cheaper option for you. You need to prepare and have enough information to avoid potential pitfalls in such an investment. Please consider the following factors before making a final decision and signing on the dotted line.

Choose the right

We can’t overstate the need to do your research before buying
a home from Weston homes
new developments. Policies, skills, and available options might vary
significantly among builders. Your builder should have a good reputation for
both reliability and quality of work. When choosing a builder from your new
construction at Botaniko
Weston, look beyond the computer models they present to you. Please take
note of how they’ve conducted their previous projects and whether or not they
have succeeded. It would be wise to consider a tour to one of their completed
projects to evaluate the quality and authenticity of their work. Please make
sure there are no major complaints filed against them. Consider getting advice
from an industry professional or real estate lawyer who can help you gauge the
financials of your target developer.

Pre ConstructionClosing costs

Closing costs are among the most hidden information when it comes to real estate. However, the general rule of thumb is to save up to 4 percent of the total cost of the home. You need to review your contract documents with your lawyer to find out more details on closing costs. Closing costs vary widely according to where you live, the property you’re buying, and the type of loan you have chosen. These costs might include but not limited to, development levies, application fees, appraisal, attorney fee, home inspection, and homeowners association transfer fees.

You also need to consider both the disadvantages and benefits
of buying a pre-construction. Below is a brief discussion that will help you
make a decision.

Pros of a pre-construction home

Freedom to

The freedom to customize and design the details that fit your
home is one desirable trait for pre-construction. Buying new homes in Weston fl
means you can pick out everything from the baseboards to the color of your
closets. Most of the things that you customize are difficult and expensive to
put in after you have completed a home. For instance, it’s not easy to put in
extra windows in a living room or increase the size of your kitchen or
bathroom. If you love designing, you will enjoy getting so many options when
customizing your space to make your house a home.

However, you need to note that while you have the freedom to
guide the developer on what you prefer, they might dictate some of your
choices. For instance, many builders will only allow you to choose from a range
of colors for your interior walls. They will present you with options for
things like countertops and flooring, and you can only choose from those
options. If you want anything different, you might need to wait until closing.

Energy efficiency

Pre-construction homes in Weston fl are embracing the innovations in energy efficiency. If you purchase a pre-construction, the chances are that your developer has used systems that will consume less energy. These options include insulation and air sealing, cooling and heating, and energy-saving appliances. Since you have some freedom to choose, you have a say over the strategies you’d like the builder to use to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Other energy-saving options include smart thermostats, LED lighting, and dual flush toilets.

No bidding wars

Typically, developers set the price for luxury homes in Weston fl
based on factors such as recent sales statistics, square footage, and floor
level (for condominiums). Purchasing pre-construction assures you peace of mind
knowing the price right from the beginning. Bidding wars can be an emotional
process at times since they can out price potential buyers in heated markets.

A brand new

While many people still love existing properties, t here’s
something alluring about moving into new construction homes in Weston fl. Every detail, small and
big, is clean and sparkling. If you don’t want the surprises that come with an
older home, building your home from scratch is an excellent way to follow.

Cons of a pre-construction home

Fewer chances for

When buying pre-construction, the price you see is the price to pay, in addition to any upgrades on the property. Builders will hardly lower the costs for new homes since it results in more and more buyers looking for ways to negotiate down the price. Instead of looking for a lower price, you could ask them to give a discount or any other financial incentives.


Pre-construction might not be the best option if you need a
place you can move to within a short period. Delays are universal, and so you
need to do your research and get a developer with a proven record of high
customer satisfaction. Some projects might delay by as many as three or four
years after the time you expected a complete home.

The Bottom Line

Before buying pre-construction, consult with a realtor to be sure that you’re right about your decisions. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a good builder. What you need to do is do research and go with the one who delivers what you genuinely want. You need to check with them the sales statistics in the area to have an idea of the market price. Having discussed the pros and cons of pre-construction, you now have a chance to weigh in the options and go for what fits you best.

5 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Buying New Construction Home

It’s fun to build your home from scratch, from selecting the material for the construction to choosing between marble and granite for your kitchen countertops. You must, however, be careful as the excitement could blind you from looking at factors that would put a line between you and some significant issues in the process. The key with New Construction is doing your research correctly, having a home inspection, but there’s much more. Below are some common mistakes that you must avoid when purchasing Weston homes New Construction development.

Failure to Research

You must conduct proper research on your builder for pre-construction Weston Fl
the same way you would on any property you’re aspiring to buy. Make sure that
your developer has a good reputation with the state Construction Contractor’s
Board. Ensure there are no pending complaints or cases against the

Don’t be afraid to ask whether they use independent
subcontractors and also make sure to verify their bonds and licenses. Ask your
builder to provide their financials and request for referees so as you can talk
to people they have served before you. Doing that will allow you to know their
financial standing, the amount of insurance they carry, and the amount of their

 If your builder runs out of cash amid the construction, it
will be troublesome to complete the project. Be sure to sample one finished
project that they have completed and talk to clients who have used their
services, and you’ll be sure of what to expect.

Failing To Analyze the Terms of the New Construction Agreement

When you purchase pre-construction homes in Weston, there are certain items that
you expect the builder to include in the cost of the house, but it is your
responsibility. You need to review your contract carefully to understand the
expenses that you’re supposed to cover and that which your builder includes.

You might need to read and reread your agreement to find out
whether your developer will slap you with unexpected bills during the
construction process. Analyze every detail, or else you might find the cost of
the home going up without your awareness.

It might be interesting to note that many builders will use
purchase contracts that are much different from the ones issued by the state.
They are pretty much protecting the contractor than the buyer. You must,
therefore, understand the contracts before signing anything to keep you
protected during each phase of the purchase. Make sure you read all the
warranties, so you know what the builder compensates and what he doesn’t.

Ignoring the Cost of Upgrades

Your builder will most probably go for the most affordable
models for equipment to cut on his budget. Most of the construction will come
with builder-grade items in which not all buyers want to use them in their
homes. You will likely prefer to upgrade some appliances from builder grade to
quality high-end details.

Before you consider an upgrade for those appliances, you might
need to check the cost implication. Asking questions about any upgrade that you
might need is an excellent idea.

Additionally, it’s wise to pick upgrades that can boost the
value of your home before you go on an upgrade spree. Some upgrades will not
only help make your home look beautiful but should Also Add Value To Your

Shopping Before You Get a
Pre-Approval Letter

Even before you think of starting to shop for new homes in Weston Fl, you should get a pre-approval for a mortgage. Pre-approval will save you time and energy visiting many homes only to find that you don’t qualify for a mortgage to purchase the dream home. It will put your financial information in order and correct any discrepancies, which you can do after pre-approval. An inspection will allow you to start shopping for new construction at Botaniko. Many builders will not consider a negotiation until you have an approval letter.

Assuming That the Home Is Perfect
After Completion

Subcontractors and city inspectors are prone to make errors, so when buying new construction homes in Weston Fl, you need a home inspection to rule out any mistakes. You don’t want a bunch of contractors doing repairs and touch-ups after you have already moved into the house.

 Many real estate agents
advise that you not only have your home inspected after completion but also
before the builder installs drywall. An inspection helps you point out any major
issues such as uneven walls, missing landscaping, or some cracked tiles.

Please don’t make a mistake closing on a home before a final
walkthrough with the builder. You must be sure they have satisfactorily
accomplished all the items in the punch-list. If you fail to address those
issues before closing, you might have a difficult time getting the developer to
fix your home after they transfer the ownership to you. 


Investing in luxury homes in Weston Fl can be an excellent decision if you do it right. Be careful to conduct impeccable research, be approved for a mortgage and conduct a proper home inspection before you sign the closing agreement. While this is not a comprehensive list of how to avoid costly mistakes, I hope the above discussion is helpful. 

When you’re ready to invest in a house, the two most common options available are new construction or a fixer-upper that was previously owned. There are definitely pros and cons in investing in Buying a new construction home like botaniko weston.

When making the decision between going for new construction or a fixer-upper it is important to take into consideration what you’ll be getting from your purchase

The benefit of investing in a home at botaniko weston is that it enables you to come as close as possible to realizing your ideal home. The developer will incorporate a lot of what your vision of your dream home looks like. You will get select the size, the floor plans, the colors of the walls, and the appliances in your kitchen.

You’ll also realize your vision the first time around without having to incorporate renovations later. Buying new construction saves you time energy and money down the road. Buying a used home can be expensive in that will have to customize it or carry out renovations to make it live-able.

Renovating a new house is also emotionally draining because retrofitting a used house takes a whole lot more planning than a new construction. So in this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons why it is better to purchase new construction than to go for a resale unit

Modern Layouts

Today’s modern houses are designed to accommodate the changes in lifestyle that have evolved over the last 40 or so years. Even the interaction between family members has changed with people preferring open living Spaces that allow for better interaction. Today’s houses adopt an open floor plan with fewer walls. The kitchen, living space, and dining spaces are all combined into one large room. At botaniko weston, you will find that the houses have a more functional open-plan space. Old houses tend to be more closed off and have more rooms. A new house at botaniko weston will help you organize your life better by having specific functional spaces like walk-in closets and pantries.

Older homes also tended to have just a single bathroom space for the entire family but today’s modern Homes have two to three bathrooms at a minimum. In some cases there’s a guest bathroom one for the rest of the family and another one separate that is located in the master suite.

Personalized Design

The new homes at botaniko weston will allow you a certain extent of freedom personalizing your new home. You get to select the colors and features you want in every room and the floor plan. Most of these floor plans are available for your viewing pleasure online. Getting in early and discussing with your developer on the features you want will make it easier for you to realize your dream home. With new construction, you can customize your home by selecting the kind of countertops you like cabinets and flooring. It is generally cheaper to do this with a new home then to try and retrofit a used home

Lower Maintenance and Operation Costs

It is important to factor in the cost of ownership of a home. A used home might have a lower sales price but might cost you for ongoing maintenance and operation costs. You might have to do major repairs on things like the roof, plumbing, HVAC, or electricals. A new construction home at botaniko weston has low maintenance costs because it is new and new things provide a longer life of service before requiring replacement or maintenance.

New homes are also more efficient in terms of energy because the employee improved insulation and HVAC technology. This will lead to lower operating costs in terms of utility bills.


New home warranties protect your investment. Appliance makers incentivize developers to purchase new products by providing warranties on their products. They are usually willing to do this because everything is brand new with no wear and tear and the expected to provide a long life of service before making claims on the warranty. The terms of the warranty vary for different developers and most of these warranties cover against material defects particularly for appliances. Reputable developers can provide up to 10 years structural warranty for the home itself. It is difficult to find warranties for used home

Health and Safety

Used homes can come with complications like mold damage and fungi. Some of these homes that were constructed a really long time ago might have been constructed with harmful materials like lead or asbestos. A new home will be constructed using the latest health and safety regulations and you don’t have to worry about things like allergens or unsafe paint. New homes also incorporate better warning systems and a stronger structure that is more resilient in inclement weather


Buying a new home usually comes with some incentives because the
developer is willing to go the extra step to get you on board. Some of these
incentives include high quality appliances and other useful machinery like
washers and dryers. The developer may also give you options of negotiating down
to a lower price. So if you’re interested in investing in botaniko weston consider some of these incentives that you might want to get with
a used home.


A new home provides you the opportunity to construct a home that matches perfectly with your lifestyle. You can build your home gym or construct your own backyard pool. This is an option that is difficult to get with a used home where you have to take it as it is or spend a lot of time and emotional energy searching for the perfect property

So we definitely recommend buying new construction in Florida.

Winter is a great time to
prep your botaniko weston garden in preparation for spring

Clean up the garden

Throughout the fall and winter, your garden could have accumulated rubbish that you could not clean because of the harsh weather. Now is the time to clear up this debris and have a clean bed that you can plant your flowers on. The typical debris that accumulates can be caused by surface runoff that transports it from one area and onto your garden, this includes broken branches and leaves. It is important to have a clean bed before doing any planting so the sooner this debris is cleared the better the environment in which your plants will grow

Make sure your garden tools are ready for use

It is very easy for garden tools to fall into a state of disrepair when they’ve been sitting around all winter and have not been used. This is the time to inspect these tools and make sure that they are ready for your gardening jobs. Ensure all moving parts are well duplicated and the tools are clean. In preparation for working on your botaniko weston garden, ensure that the wooden handles of your tools are well cared for by applying mineral spirits on them, which will prevent the wood from splintering

Eliminate the weeds in your garden

You should eliminate the weeds in your garden before they bloom fully and produce seeds that would germinate and leave you with a very big weed problem. It is easier to remove them while the ground is soft and easy to work on. When the summer approaches the ground becomes harder and it becomes difficult to work on the ground and you also want to remove them before they take root or seed

Work the soil

The success of your plants is highly dependent on how you prepare the bed where you’re going to plant them. For crops to take root properly the soil needs to be aerated and this is achieved by turning the soil over with a big fork and raking it out. Adding well decomposed compost to your botaniko weston garden will provide much-needed nutrients to your plants. These additional nutrients can be bought at your local nursery. The compost should be added well in advance of you planting so that if the case and does not turn the pH of the soil acidic which if it does will burn the roots of your new plans

Plan on the appropriate seeds to buy

You need to plant crops that are ideal for your region and the season because some flowers and vegetables don’t do well during particular times of the year. Purchasing these seeds from a local nursery is the recommended step to take because they will only stock seeds that do well in that particular region. Combining perennials with annuals is a good way to ensure that your garden is always in full Bloom. So while some of the crops go out of the season you’ll always have some flowers and vegetables that are in full bloom

Inspect trees and shrubs for any winter damage

Now is a good time to prune any dead or broken branches that might have suffered from storm damage. You should also snip of the tips of any evergreens that have suffered yellowing and are dying from the winter cold. Deadheading is the process of cutting of the drooping or dying flowers from the rest of the green and healthy stem. After your plant your crops and they sprout then it is advisable to place mulch on the ground around the plants to prevent weeds from sprouting and also the mulch will reduce your water consumption and the chores off consistent watering. This mulch will also decay during the spring and act as a natural compost

Separate and organize your crops

Before the spring is a good time to divide perennial flowers that are growing beyond where you’d like them on your garden. It is important to divide them and then replant the divided clamps and what are them well in their new home so that they can take root

Remove any winter protection that was in place

Any devices that have been placed to prevent the threat of frost should be removed and stepped away this could include burlap and other protective material that would have been placed around the landscape plants. Additionally, if there was staking that had been placed around new trees to help in their growth they should be removed if they been in place for more than a year.

Edge your beds

End of winter is a good time to cur sharp edges along your botaniko weston garden. This task can be carried out with a power edger so that you have sharp crisps edges along your garden beds. Having sharp will give your landscape a neat look.

Remember to maintain your garden

After having done all this preparation it is important to maintain this upkeep during the whole season. It is important to be on the lookout for weeds and to get rid of them as soon as they pop up. Also, keep an eye out for the health of the plants if they should show some nutritional deficiencies such as purpling or yellowing then make sure that you contact your local nursery for a viable solution.

So those are some of our tips on how to maintain your garden and prepare it in preparation for the spring season.

After successfully constructing your new dream Luxury Home at botaniko weston, the next stage you would need to consider is what you’re going to do with the backyard and front yard which have nothing except bare ground. You definitely need to landscape this area so that it makes your new house a home rather than just a finished building.

Landscaping is not as difficult as it sounds provided that you have a plan. You can decide to engage the services of a professional like a landscape architect to design the look and feel of your backyard and front yard or you can do it by yourself. Landscape contractors are also available to carry out the installation work at your new botaniko weston home. But with a little prepping and knowledge you can also do the landscape installation by yourself provided you follow some of the concepts and guidelines that we have outlined in this article

Our aim is to provide you with tips on how the professional landscape architects and contractors go about installing a new landscape at your new botaniko weston home

Set a reasonable financial budget

The first thing to consider
when you’re planning a new landscape for your botaniko weston home is how much
you’re willing to spend. You need money to buy plants and rent
equipment to carry out the landscape. This equipment including, the plants
is not cheap and you should have a good financial cushion to allow you to
carry out the landscape and still have enough to live off of. You should
also note that. landscaping does not have to be done all at once, you can
start slowly and as your savings improve, work on the initial landscape you had
put up.

Do some online research while you look for bargains for the materials are going to use during your landscaping activity

Select a focal Point

Beautiful flower in garden

Your new landscape will look a whole lot better if you select what you want to emphasize on it. Note that this also includes your home, which is sitting on it. This can be the focal point of the landscape because it is sitting right on it. The options you have include the porch or the walkway to the house. And when it comes the landscape itself, you might still choose a particular variety of tree that stands out on the landscape and his eye-catching. A focal point on the landscape can be a great conversation point for guests who visit you at botaniko weston. Do not have too many focal points otherwise, the whole thing becomes distracting.

Select the dimensions

It is important that all the pieces on your new landscape are in the right proportion relative to each other and also with the house. Select the right variety of plants particularly trees so that they do not overshadow the house and become an unwanted focal point.  The size of the tree should also be proportional to the amount of space you have on your botaniko weston home landscape. Planting a large tree on a small space looks odd and is not very aesthetically pleasing. So the goal here is to neither overwhelm or underwhelm your house by the plants surrounded by it but to have a reasonable compromise when it comes to proportionality

Luxury HomeSymmetry

It is important to achieve balance when carrying out landscaping on your new botaniko weston home. Symmetry means that one side of the landscape has a mirror-like view of the other side so if you should plant a tree on the left side of the front yard, you plant a similar variety of tree on the right side of the front yard, or if you plant a tree on the left side of the front door you plant a similar tree on the right side of the same front door. A landscape design which is asymmetrical means that the left and right side of the yard contains different components.

Use of color

Color is a great tool to use during landscaping. It can be used to attain artistic effects like depth depending on where it is applied. For example, bright colors tend to advance and make the yard looks smaller while cooler colors tend to recede providing a sense of depth. You can use interesting combinations of colors so that your landscape appears appealing. Also, consider the climate in that during colder climates you should have some plans with warmer colors on Your Landscape so that your yard still looks lively in the dead of winter

Bring the indoors outdoors

You can use landscaping as a tool that provides you with a space that is as comfortable outdoors as it is indoors. Some of the tools you need to bring along include a thoughtfully designed outdoor lighting that can provide a warm ambiance similar to what you have inside the house. Creative lighting using LED can be used on the walkway to provide a wonderful view during the night. Good lighting adds dimension to the landscape of your botaniko weston home and enables you to enjoy outdoor living Spaces with your family and friends

Get inspired by the home’s interior

Just like your new botaniko weston home has a great and functional house plan you also need a good landscape design layout that flows and is functional. You can plan your outdoor spaces by selecting where to plant trees and other varieties of flowers and also where you can set up a relaxation point like a gazebo or an umbrella to shield you from the sun while you are outdoors.

So those are some of her tips on how you can landscape a luxury home at botaniko weston.

An Open Floor plan has become trendy in the past few years. The concept merges numerous rooms in one living space. For instance, an open-concept main floor would comprise a dining room, kitchen, and living room in a single shared space.

plan is popular because it offers numerous great features, for instance, the
illusion of a bigger space, enhanced natural light, and a safe environment.
Blending an indoor area seamlessly into an outdoor area produces a transitional
living space for your home.

you’re looking for a luxury home that features this concept, we recommend the new homes in Weston Fl.
Here’s a list of reasons why our residents at Botaniko love this floor plan.

Open Floor Plan

used in residential architecture, this term describes a home in which two or
more conventional-use spaces have been joined to create a much bigger space by
eradicating some of the partition walls that typically divide rooms.

architectural trend has been dominant in new construction since around 1990 and
has been the goal in numerous remodeling projects in older houses, where the
goal is joining the dining room and kitchen, living room and dining room-or all
three into some type of communal living space.

heavy-duty beams carry the floor’s weight above in this plan rather than
interior-load bearing walls. Aesthetically, this plan promotes superior traffic
flow and a sense of openness. Bear in mind that open plans don’t mean that all
rooms are joined, nor does it imply that barriers don’t exist between the

plan applies only to common areas except for bathrooms and bedrooms. Most
often, the plans entail some blend of dining room, kitchen, and living room.

The Dining room and Kitchen

a dining area and kitchen share a common space. At times, a peninsula or
kitchen functions as a visual splitting line between the two areas.

Living room and dining room

living room and dining area occupy a shared area. A visual splitting line might
be in the form of a brief set of stairs or two varied paint colors.

Kitchen/living room/dining

three areas might be connected in a very great room, frequently with a vaulted


Makes entertaining pleasant

Our residents at Botaniko Weston enjoy the interconnected spaces, which create a seamless flow from their dining room, living room, and kitchen. The layout has increasingly grown popular because it makes entertaining friends and family easy and enjoyable.

realize that having family over or hosting a party over the holidays can be
overwhelming. That’s where an open plan comes in handy. Without the walls in
between, you can be in three different areas at once, making it easy to host

Outdoor Connection

of the most thrilling features of these plans is linking indoor living spaces
with areas outdoors, for instance, permitting the indoors to open up to an expansive
veranda. A veranda provides numerous great advantages, for instance, extra home
value, additional space, and shelter against the hot sun, which could decrease
your air-conditioning expenses.

the incorporation of floor-to-ceiling glass or using comparable flooring
outside and inside, there’s the elimination of the barriers separating space,
leaving a huge area to relax, live, and entertain in.

Contemporary Feel

Modernizing our homes comes from the openness of common areas. Typically, larger families love a contemporary home because of the space it offers in the areas families spend most of their time. For instance, an open plan connects the living room and kitchen, which is ideal for busy parents who are constantly multitasking.

residents can cook dinner as they watch their children play. Another modern
feature in such homes is connecting the outdoor and indoor spaces with numerous
large doors and windows; this merges numerous areas of the home cohesively.

outdoor and indoor spaces is increasingly becoming popular and is a feature
individuals seek when purchasing a home.

Spaciousness and enhanced interaction

visual barriers and walls open up space, making it seem much bigger than the
actual size. Fewer hallways and less wasted spaces or rooms translate into more
usable spaces. We find that most people are interested in usable space than
wasted square footage.

can transition seamlessly into dining rooms or living rooms; developing a
flowing design and wide space. Our open plans create more interaction
opportunities with friends and family. As a result, eating, food preparation,
and entertainment can all occur within the same space.

Enhanced Flow

People often overlook this benefit when deciding on their home’s floor plan. Without walls and doors functioning as barriers from one room to another, there’s open space for moving through. While open plans are advantageous when hosting visitors, daily living with an open plan is more significant.

can at times be chaotic, particularly with kids running around. Residing in a
home with fewer barriers in your home’s common areas will alleviate some of the
disorder, allowing you to watch over your kids. This plan not only enhances
your home’s flow but also alleviates some of the daily stress.

The Kitchen becomes the central

numerous families, the kitchen isn’t merely a place for cooking. It’s a place
for socializing, eating, and spending time together. It’s the center of a home
for many. The key to developing a practical, open kitchen is to consider the
kitchen triangle, which comprises the fridge, stove, and sink.

While trends in new construction typically come
and go, open plans remain popular to date. An open plan allows your home to
stand out, so you want to invest

What is it that makes a luxury home
special? For many people, it’s that unmistakable feeling of quality that they
can enjoy every day. For others, it’s the security and peace of mind that comes
from living in a private development. There’s also the unique feeling that
comes when a luxury home reflects hard work, perseverance, and success.

Whatever your goals are in life, owning a
home that truly lives up to the term luxury is probably one of them. You
can find what you’re looking for with the luxury developments at Botaniko Weston.

Explore what makes a luxury home unique,
and see how you could find your perfect residence in Florida.

The Essentials of a Luxury Home

When most people think of luxury real
estate and pre-built homes, they usually have a few things in mind.

Price is one of the first things that they consider. The word luxury usually comes with a sense that a home would be in the higher end of the market, and outside the reach of the average buyer. However, this doesn’t always stand up. Prices vary from state to state and even from county to county. Luxury property in the heart of Miami will always be more expensive than properties that are further out on Miami Beach or in exclusive areas like Botaniko Weston. Sure, the price can be a guideline, but it’s not everything. In fact, you will find that even some of the most luxurious pre-construction homes in Weston FL are within reach of move-up buyers.

So if it’s not price, could it be the location?
In many cases, location absolutely does matter. Take Botaniko Weston as an excellent example. A
luxury home should be situated in an area of pristine beauty, where modern life
and the beautiful outdoors come together in harmony. Weston Florida is right on
the edge of the everglades. The inland waterways allow for the perfect balance
of convenient living and quiet relaxation. If you are looking for a location
where the word luxury really comes into its own, you only need to look at Botaniko homes in Weston.

In addition to the natural beauty and
pristine setting of Weston, the area is also considered to be luxurious because
of the people who live there. Weston is one of the wealthiest suburbs in the
United States. CNN Money consistently ranks the suburban area among its
highest-earning categories. The median income in Weston is close to $120,000
per year, and it is regularly ranked as the best place to live in the state of

The Luxury Found in Pre-Construction Homes Weston FL

Beyond price, location, and the prestige
that comes from living in Weston, there are also luxury elements that must be
considered within a home itself.

Premium quality is one sign of luxury. The best luxury homes in Weston FL feature the finest construction materials. Finishes are modern, clean, and expertly installed. Architecture and interior design should come together seamlessly to create living spaces that are attractive, comfortable, and functional.

The layout of the neighborhood can also add
to the sense of luxury. Are houses tightly packed together? Are they designed
using a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach where it’s hard to discern one address from
the next? If they are, then the neighborhood could hardly be called luxury.
However, if the homes are unique while still following a similar design
philosophy, then it can give the impression of a master-planned community. Botaniko Weston falls
into the latter category. The homes share similar architectural cues and
feature familiar material selections, but they all have their own sense of
personality. If you want to live with a sense of luxury then it’s important
that your home feels like your own. We worked hard with our design teams so
that every family in Weston can enjoy their own personalized space.

Privacy is also a major factor. Luxury
neighborhoods still come with a sense of community, but the community should
never encroach on personal living space. Pre-construction homes in Weston FL are designed
in a way to maximize privacy and ensure that every resident is comfortable
either inside or outside of their homes. Various elements come together to
ensure this, ranging from home layout to positioning of windows, landscaping
features, and tree coverage, etc. Botaniko has a community feel, but you can feel completely secure
within your own private space. This is important, and it’s part of what makes
this one of the best luxury developments in Weston today.

It’s Time to See What Your Lifestyle
Could Be at Botaniko

We’ve described some of the most important
attributes that make a home and neighborhood feel luxurious. If you’re missing
that unique feeling at your current address, then it’s time to consider moving

Botaniko Weston is an ongoing development that combines luxury, Weston’s beautiful scenic outdoors, and a real sense of community. You’ve worked hard for your success and now it’s time to enjoy the luxury living that it brings. Turn your focus to pre-construction homes in Weston FL and see how you could upgrade your lifestyle in luxury surroundings that make you feel completely at home.

The Top Things to Do Around Botaniko Weston

Botaniko Weston is a private enclave of housing units that are located in the western part of South Florida’s Broward County. It is a very exclusive neighborhood with a median family income that is more than three times the national average.

Despite the above-average family median income Botaniko Weston is
still reasonably priced by Florida standards.

Botaniko Weston is close to Miami
which is the world’s busiest cruise port and can be quite hectic actually. So
what Botaniko Weston represents
is a respite and hideaway from the busy port city. Our residents can enjoy
the peace and quiet that the estate offers and still be within a
reasonable distance of the city and other external amenities like shopping
facilities, dining experience, and national parks.

In this article, we will look at some of the activities you can engage in around Botaniko Weston

Visit the Everglades Park

We highly recommend taking a guided airboat tour of the Everglades. This is one of the most popular activities that people engage in in Miami. The park is huge, taking around 30 acres and is located just close to Fort Lauderdale. One of the reasons why this tour is highly recommended is because the Everglades has a very diverse array of plants and wildlife presenting stunning natural scenery and a very unique environment

Enjoy some sun at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park

South Florida is known for having all-year-round good weather. Residing at Botaniko Weston has the advantage of warm sunny weather and getting the opportunity to enjoy the countless miles of white sandy beaches. There are countless activities you can participate in in the outdoors like surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.

If you’re looking to be more active then there’s always outdoor basketball and volleyball. The sandy beaches always present a great opportunity for the kids to play and the adults can also participate in games or simply relax on lounge chairs under sun umbrellas for some peace and quiet.

Kayaking at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Another fun activity that we recommend to Botaniko Weston residents is a visit to the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park for some canoeing and kayaking along the park’s waterways. This is definitely a fun way to spend a weekend and keep fit at the same time. There’re also paved trails that are ideal for nature walks and mountain biking. The entry fees are reasonable and are charged on a per-vehicle basis.

Eating out

Weston is a very exclusive neighborhood where you can find
some of the finest eateries in South Florida. The Acquolina Weston
serves traditional Southern Italian cuisine made with fresh
ingredients. We highly recommend them for their Black Angus Skirt
Steak. The restaurant sits on top of one of the city’s lakes and
meals are served outside by the water, this provides a very interesting
alfresco dining experience.

We also highly recommend the Tarantella
Ristorante, which is a colorful and welcoming restaurant. It’s
most popular meals are Fiocchi alla Pera, Ravioli ai Quattro Formaggi
and Petto di Pollo Farcito. Because of the metropolitan nature of
Miami, you will hardly lack an interesting place to eat at. Residents
of Botaniko Weston can
always take a trip to downtown Miami where they can have access to an endless
selection of eateries from different cultures from around the world.

Enjoy a round of golf

If you want to enjoy all-year-round golfing then Botaniko Weston is the place to live in. The weather is good all year
round and the state has more than 1,000 golf courses. There is
something for everybody from municipal golf courses to private golf
clubs. We highly recommend the Bonaventure Country Club which is an
18-hole course that features palm lined fairways and a lot of
waterways. Part of the country club is a resort and spa that
provide a very nice restaurant and a hotel with a capacity of more
than 100 rooms.

Take a nature walk

You can enjoy the scenic work at Piece Mound Park. It includes paved and unpaved trails that are perfect for jogging and simple walking exercises. It is also the ideal place for Botaniko Weston residents to enjoy an afternoon session of bird watching. The kids will not be left out because the park also includes a playground for them to play. The best part of this all is that the park is free and open every day.

Visit a museum

There are museums that target different demographics from adults to kids. We recommend taking a guided tour of the Young at Art Museum that was conceived with the idea of inspiring creativity and enthusiasm to art in children. The tour is very interactive and actively engages the children in activities like sculpture, painting, and lots more. It serves the dual purpose of entertaining and educating kids at the same time.

Color me mine

Another venue that targets kids is Color Me Mine. It is also designed to entertain and educate kids by incorporating a lot of art-related activities. For vacationers who come from the colder parts of the country, Color Me mine has some events during which kids will be involved in a lot of activities that stimulate creativity in them. It is a very special place that provides both guidance and entertainment but in a fun and pressure-free atmosphere.

Join a fitness club

You can socialize and improve your health and fitness by working out and joining a club. We recommend to Botaniko Weston residents to pay a visit to the Midtown Athletic Club in Weston. It is an exclusive club that is designed so well you would think you’re at a resort. It is located on a massive 25-acre facility designed to encourage socializing between the members. It is a great networking opportunity and also a cool place to make new friend

So those are some of our recommendations on some of the things you can do in Botaniko Weston.

Botaniko Stands Out Among New Home Construction Sites in Florida

Florida’s home market is highly active and
endlessly exciting. From condominiums to private communities, there are
opportunities for buyers at every level. If you are looking for a residence
that truly reflects your success and your commitment to family lifestyle,
you’ll find that some stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Buying a home is one of the most
significant investments that you will ever make. Deciding where to live will be
crucial to your future happiness and comfort.

When looking at the many new home
construction sites in Florida today, Botaniko Weston cannot be ignored. Truly bespoke luxury
residences are awaiting discerning buyers who want a life without compromises.

Explore what makes these new construction homes in Weston
Fl so unique, and see how your future could be brighter than you’ve ever

Botaniko Weston Encapsulates Florida at Its

Our new homes in Weston Fl have been developed with
some important principles in mind.

  • Life’s simple pleasures matter.
    Our community has been developed to reflect that.
  • Florida is a region of timeless
    beauty, and you’ll find an idyllic slice of it in Botaniko.

You may have explored pre construction homes in Weston Fl and been disappointed with what was presented. It’s an unfortunate reality that some developments leave a lot to be desired, especially in terms of their approach to what luxury living means. While taste is always subjective, it’s difficult to argue that the concrete covered apartment and townhouse complexes can be considered as luxurious places to live and raise a family.

At Botaniko we have used nature as our main
inspiration, and its this harmony with Florida’s natural features that make our
Luxury homes in Weston Fl
so different.

It’s evident in every detail. The homes are
designed to blend into the environment, inviting peace and relaxation. The
architecture celebrates the tropical climate and flora of Weston, with homes
that are optimized for indoor-outdoor flow. By creating this natural harmony,
homes feel even larger than the generous footprints that they occupy. Whether
you are looking for a first home to start a family, or if you are relocating
with children from elsewhere in the state or anywhere in the world, you will
find that space is never a concern at Botaniko.

Botaniko Dispels Myths About New Construction Homes in Weston

There are myths that are frequently, and
quite unfairly repeated by some home buyers and even home publications. While
they can be true in some limited scenarios, the myths surrounding new construction homes in Weston
FL don’t apply to Botaniko’s
unique community.

The most egregious of all these are the myths that new construction homes all look the same, and that they lack character. You only need to spend a few minutes browsing our concepts for Botaniko to see that these myths are untrue.

Botaniko Weston has been designed to appeal to
modern families. The architecture accentuates nature but also follows a unique
minimalist philosophy that will appeal to people who are inspired by modern
design. Individuality is important, and this has been considered with
everything from the layout and placement of homes, to the feature landscaping
and materials used. Botaniko
uses variety wherever possible so that the homes feel unique. Each residence is
its own piece of a living paradise, and homeowners will appreciate the lengths
that have been taken to ensure a completely bespoke experience from one property
to the next.

The myth of lacking character is also
dispelled by the unique homes being built here. Every unit oozes character from
the landscaping, color choices, architecture, and unique floorplan layouts.
Each home is unquestionably modern, but the seamless blending with nature and resulting
indoor/outdoor flow also creates a timeless quality. Real luxury can never go
out of style, and it’s this marriage of the natural and man-made world that
will ensure Botaniko
Weston is as full of character in fifty years as it is today.

Botaniko Weston Has Everything that Matters

With any of the new homes in Weston Fl that you consider,
it’s important to look at each option based on its merits. We can’t speak for
every development in Weston, but we can reiterate what makes Botaniko unique.

It has been our goal from the beginning to
develop the best luxury homes in the region. Right on the edge of the
Everglades, nature was always a major aspect of our plan.

At Botaniko, buyers will enjoy:

  • Pre-construction homes in
    Weston Fl that are made to the highest standards of quality.
  • Diverse material and design
    options for interiors that are uniquely your own.
  • A safe community suitable for
    families of all ages and sizes.
  • The ideal indoor-outdoor flow
    to balance any lifestyle.
  • Modern homes that blend
    minimalist architecture with timeless tropical beauty.
  • Variation between every unit,
    to give the community a real character.
  • Luxurious home additions like
    swimming pools and tanning terraces.

Pre-construction allows you to save money
when compared to the price of homes at resale. New homes mean that you won’t
have to renovate, and you’ll enjoy the latest fixtures, materials, designs, and
quality construction innovations.

You deserve a home that reflects your success and inspires the next stage in your life journey. Our new homes in Weston Fl will remind you what true luxury means.

A Quick Guide to Insurance for Luxury Homes in Weston Fl

For most people, a home is the most
valuable asset that they will ever invest in. More than that, a home is a place
to create memories and grow a family. Your home will be one of the most important
places in your life, both in a spiritual and financial sense.

If you are considering luxury homes in Weston Fl,
you will want to explore your insurance options. With the right insurance, you
can protect your financial investment. You’ll have a safety net in case
anything outside of the ordinary occurs. Best of all, you’ll enjoy peace of
mind as you watch your family grow.


Learn about the type of insurance policy
you will need for a luxury home. You’ll be ready to buy in confidence at
exciting developments like Botaniko

Is There a Difference Between Standard
and Luxury Homeowner’s Insurance?

Standard homeowner’s insurance packages and
luxury homeowner’s insurance packages are based on the same principles. They
provide protection for loss, damage, theft, fire, and other events. The key
difference between the two is that luxury insurance offers higher coverage
limits in most of the main categories. This means that you will enjoy more
peace of mind, whether it relates to coverage for your belongings, or for the
home and property that you invest in.

Every home (including possessions), has a
unique value associated with it. In your situation, you should aim for an
insurance policy that is specifically designed for your needs.

In most cases, you won’t be able to get adequate high-value coverage from a major insurance company. Most luxury homeowners choose to buy their insurance through independent agents, who work with big insurers to develop customized policies for their clients.

Why You Need to be Careful When Buying
Insurance for Luxury Homes
in Weston Fl

Insurance policies have limitations. These
protect the insurance companies, but they also help to keep costs down for the
average household. Most families don’t need excessive coverage for the home
itself or personal belongings.

However, you’ve worked hard for your
success, and you’ve accumulated things that are precious to you and your
family. If you were to purchase a home in a prestigious development like
Botaniko Weston, you would want to protect everything that you’ve earned.

Even if we don’t consider the value of the
home at this point, there are other aspects of homeowner’s insurance that you
need to be mindful of.

Limitations on personal items and heirlooms
like jewelry, art, silverware, and furs or rugs should be carefully included in
an insurance policy. If you have an extensive collection of unique luxury items
that value in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, you won’t get
coverage from a standard policy. There’s an average cap between $1,000 and
$2,000 on most luxury items.

Riders are available to increase the
insurance that you have for personal items and unique valuables, but most
standard policies will only increase coverage to around $10,000 in each
category. You will find that a standard policy only covers a small percentage
of the total value of your possessions.

Even the most comprehensive standard policy
would limit contents coverage to around 70% of your home’s value. If you have
an extensive collection of unique furnishings and other items that are near
irreplaceable, a standard insurance policy simply won’t meet your needs.

If you’re the type of person who is
considering an investment in luxury pre construction Weston Fl, then you will find these limitations
to be unacceptable. The solution is a high-value or luxury homeowner’s
insurance policy.

Fill the Gaps Left by Standard Insurance

You don’t have to worry about having
limited or inadequate insurance coverage. With a luxury policy, you’ll be able
to secure the investment you’ve made in your home and everything that you place
inside it.

High-value policies with mainstream
insurance companies are typically offered for homes that are worth $300,000 or
more. Specialist insurance agents will be able to build policies for homes that
are worth more than $750,000. In addition to providing coverage for the
physical structure, luxury insurance will also include detailed riders that
guarantee coverage for the exact replacement value of your most important

Whether it’s a designer clothing
collection, antique or designer furniture, unique artwork or sculptures, or a
precious jewelry collection, you can have confidence knowing that there’s a
safety net for when something goes wrong.

Choosing the Right Insurance Agent for Luxury Homes in Weston Fl

The right insurance agent is one that fits your needs. Talk to prospective agents in Florida about the home you’re interested in buying, and the personal items that you will need to include in a rider. If the agent understands the unique needs of your high-value property, they’ll be able to present some compelling insurance offers within a few days.

If an agent shows hesitation or suggests
limits that are below what you’re comfortable with, then it’s best to move on
and look for an alternative.

Interview every agent that you consider,
and talk to friends and family for referrals to reliable agents. The attorney
helping with your real estate purchase should also be able to give referrals to
luxury home insurance agents.

With the Right Insurance, You’ll Feel
Completely Relaxed in Botaniko

Botaniko is a new development of luxury homes in Weston Fl.
If you are looking for a community that is completely unique in its approach to
beauty and luxury, you will love what we’re building.

We understand the importance of a home that reflects your success. Simple pleasures and timeless beauty are the underlying concepts of Botaniko Weston.

With the right residence, you’ll see the
true value of buying luxury insurance. It’s time to explore your options for luxury homes in Weston Fl.