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Tips on How to Landscape a Luxury Home in Weston Fl

February 13, 2020 10:00 am  /  Uncategorized

After successfully constructing your new dream Luxury Home at botaniko weston, the next stage you would need to consider is what you’re going to do with the backyard and front yard which have nothing except bare ground. You definitely need to landscape this area so that it makes your new house a home rather than just a finished building.

Landscaping is not as difficult as it sounds provided that you have a plan. You can decide to engage the services of a professional like a landscape architect to design the look and feel of your backyard and front yard or you can do it by yourself. Landscape contractors are also available to carry out the installation work at your new botaniko weston home. But with a little prepping and knowledge you can also do the landscape installation by yourself provided you follow some of the concepts and guidelines that we have outlined in this article

Our aim is to provide you with tips on how the professional landscape architects and contractors go about installing a new landscape at your new botaniko weston home

Set a reasonable financial budget

The first thing to consider
when you’re planning a new landscape for your botaniko weston home is how much
you’re willing to spend. You need money to buy plants and rent
equipment to carry out the landscape. This equipment including, the plants
is not cheap and you should have a good financial cushion to allow you to
carry out the landscape and still have enough to live off of. You should
also note that. landscaping does not have to be done all at once, you can
start slowly and as your savings improve, work on the initial landscape you had
put up.

Do some online research while you look for bargains for the materials are going to use during your landscaping activity

Select a focal Point

Beautiful flower in garden

Your new landscape will look a whole lot better if you select what you want to emphasize on it. Note that this also includes your home, which is sitting on it. This can be the focal point of the landscape because it is sitting right on it. The options you have include the porch or the walkway to the house. And when it comes the landscape itself, you might still choose a particular variety of tree that stands out on the landscape and his eye-catching. A focal point on the landscape can be a great conversation point for guests who visit you at botaniko weston. Do not have too many focal points otherwise, the whole thing becomes distracting.

Select the dimensions

It is important that all the pieces on your new landscape are in the right proportion relative to each other and also with the house. Select the right variety of plants particularly trees so that they do not overshadow the house and become an unwanted focal point.  The size of the tree should also be proportional to the amount of space you have on your botaniko weston home landscape. Planting a large tree on a small space looks odd and is not very aesthetically pleasing. So the goal here is to neither overwhelm or underwhelm your house by the plants surrounded by it but to have a reasonable compromise when it comes to proportionality

Luxury HomeSymmetry

It is important to achieve balance when carrying out landscaping on your new botaniko weston home. Symmetry means that one side of the landscape has a mirror-like view of the other side so if you should plant a tree on the left side of the front yard, you plant a similar variety of tree on the right side of the front yard, or if you plant a tree on the left side of the front door you plant a similar tree on the right side of the same front door. A landscape design which is asymmetrical means that the left and right side of the yard contains different components.

Use of color

Color is a great tool to use during landscaping. It can be used to attain artistic effects like depth depending on where it is applied. For example, bright colors tend to advance and make the yard looks smaller while cooler colors tend to recede providing a sense of depth. You can use interesting combinations of colors so that your landscape appears appealing. Also, consider the climate in that during colder climates you should have some plans with warmer colors on Your Landscape so that your yard still looks lively in the dead of winter

Bring the indoors outdoors

You can use landscaping as a tool that provides you with a space that is as comfortable outdoors as it is indoors. Some of the tools you need to bring along include a thoughtfully designed outdoor lighting that can provide a warm ambiance similar to what you have inside the house. Creative lighting using LED can be used on the walkway to provide a wonderful view during the night. Good lighting adds dimension to the landscape of your botaniko weston home and enables you to enjoy outdoor living Spaces with your family and friends

Get inspired by the home’s interior

Just like your new botaniko weston home has a great and functional house plan you also need a good landscape design layout that flows and is functional. You can plan your outdoor spaces by selecting where to plant trees and other varieties of flowers and also where you can set up a relaxation point like a gazebo or an umbrella to shield you from the sun while you are outdoors.

So those are some of her tips on how you can landscape a luxury home at botaniko weston.