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Debunked: Myths About Building New Construction Homes

Are you in the market for a new home? When it comes to luxury homes in Weston FL, you have your pick. With so many new construction homes being built, you could easily have the home of your dreams. You’ve heard all the myths about new build homes though, and you’re wondering if there’s any truth to them. Here are all the most popular myths, debunked so you can make an informed choice.

Myth: New Construction Homes Are Way Too Expensive

Truth: You’re getting value for money. Many potential buyers see the price tag for new construction homes and decide that they’re way too expensive for what they are. What they don’t think about is what you’re getting as part of that price. If you buy an existing home, you may get a deal but you’ll need to spend more on the renovation. If you’re lucky that’s just a new lick of paint, but if you’re not you may need new roofing, wiring, or more.

When you buy a brand new home, you’ll never have to worry about that. You’ll see that all the plumbing, cabinetry, wiring and more are brand new, too. You’ll never have to worry about moving in and instantly dropping more money on repairs, as they just won’t be needed.

Myth: All New Construction Homes Look The Same

Truth: Modern new construction homes are different and cater to different families. It’s easy to assume that all new construction homes are the same. If you move into one, won’t it be the same home for as far as the eye can see?

That just isn’t true these days. Luxury home developers, such as Botaniko, know that individuality is important. In many developments, you’ll see several homes that all have different styles within the same complex. That means you can pick out the home that’s right for you, and you won’t have the same home as your neighbors.

Myth: New Construction Homes Have No Character

Truth: Modern developments are being created with an eye for style. It’s true that in the past, modern construction design was very ho-hum. If you bought one, you certainly weren’t buying one for its character. If you want a home that’s truly stylish, surely you should buy an older home?

That’s not the case anymore. Again, let’s take Botaniko Weston as an example. They have hired the best architects and designers to create developments that are up to date and full of character. Many developers are aiming for a ‘high-end resort’ feel, so you’ll be able to buy a home that feels as though it’s in the middle of an upscale hotel. If that’s the style you’re looking for, then new construction is for you.

Myth: It Takes Too Long To Wait For A New Construction Home To Be Built

Truth: In fact, you can be in your new home in as little as 12 weeks. When you think of buying pre-construction homes in Weston FL, you think of long wait periods while you wait for the home to be built and made ready for you. Surely you’re better off buying a home that’s already built and waiting for?

In fact, that home will be ready in roughly just 12 weeks. When you’re looking at new construction homes, developers will be honest with you about how long the building will take. They want it built quickly too, so you can move in and start enjoying your home. There may be delays, such as bad weather, but you will be informed about them. If you plan it right, you won’t have to worry about waiting for your new home to be ready.

Myth: Financing A New Construction Home Is Difficult

Truth: You have more options than ever. You’ve heard horror stories about how hard it is to get finance for a new or pre-construction home, and so that’s put you off looking into buying one. The fact is, you actually have more options than ever.

Many developers will pair up with preferred lenders, so you can talk to lenders who are already interested in financing your home. This will take a lot of stress from you when it’s time to buy.

New construction home is an excellent investment. Ignore the myths and get a home that’s great for you.