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Weighing the Pros and Cons of New Construction Homes and Older Homes

If you’re planning on purchasing a new home like Botaniko or a resale unit that has been occupied then it definitely makes sense to evaluate your decision by looking at the merits and demerits of both options before investing.

With the advice of an experienced and trusted realtor, the process of home purchase need not be overwhelming. The process is pretty standard with a clear pathway to homeownership.

The best position to start if you’re looking at buying a home at Botaniko Weston is to get in touch with an experienced realtor. You will also need to do research on a favorable mortgage lender if you’re looking to finance the house through debt.

You should arm yourself with your credit report before approaching your lender so that it can be easier for you to get pre-qualification. The amount that the mortgage lender is willing to lend you plus your savings should give you an idea of the kind of house you can actually afford to pay for.

It is important to engage the services of a home inspector before committing to a purchase. This professional will carry out an inspection of the premises to determine if there any caveats I should know about.

of a new construction home

Structured development

New construction like Botaniko Weston is designed to maintain high property values. The location is chosen specifically by the developer based on the demand of home buyers. The location is selected with factors like affordability, amenities, and infrastructure that people want.

Custom options

New residences like Botaniko Weston provide the new homeowner with the options of what they want their house to be like. The options would include floor plan options and interior decor options. The homeowner will have much more say in what they want their home to be like.

Low maintenance

New construction is a lot cheaper to maintain because everything is brand new and will provide you with a long life of service before any repairs are required.

Higher energy efficiency

New construction at Botaniko Weston utilizes the latest construction material that has been optimized for energy efficiency. This ultimately leads to lower utility bills then you don’t care if you bought a resale house.

Cons of new construction

Little room for negotiation

Generally, it is easier to negotiate with an individual seller than with a developer. Because an individual seller is usually more motivated to dispose of the house than a developer.

Immature Landscape

Something’s just take time to grow and mature like trees and lawns. So for new construction, the new owner has to be patient enough to let the lawn grow at its own natural pace. So for individuals who prefer mature lawns and landscapes then a recent unit will be the void in choice.

Mature neighborhoods

New construction is usually located in neighborhoods that are still developing, unlike resale houses. So for new construction you might lack some amenities that would be more developed in areas with older houses.

Pros of older  houses

More room for negotiation

Individual sellers are usually more motivated to sell their houses and are more willing to negotiate with you.

More design options

Old houses tend to have their own unique look and feel as opposed two new construction which is built from a standard template.

More established neighborhood

All the houses are located in neighborhoods that have matured over time including facilities such as established schools and high-performing school districts. Older neighborhoods tend to have a more familiar feel to them than your neighborhoods

Cons of older houses

Older houses require more maintenance in terms of effort and cost the new construction like Botaniko Weston so the cost of ownership might actually be higher in the long run.

Limited customization options

Sometimes it is virtually impossible to make any structural changes to an older house because the architectural design demands that you cannot take down some walls because they’re load-bearing.

Low energy efficiency

Old houses are constructed from materials that may not be the most optimal when it comes to energy efficiency. Newer construction like Botaniko Weston uses the latest technology with a minimal footprint on the environment this leads to lower utility costs and it is better for the environment.

So that was a brief summary of the pros and cons of new construction versus older houses.