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Enjoy Open Concept Designs in our Pre-Construction Homes

Weston has been ranked as No. 15 of the Best Places to Live in America since it’s a community built for people to make a lifetime of memories. The pre-construction homes in Weston, FL are just waiting for new people and families to move in and make them into true homes. One of the best aspects of moving into a new home is finding a way to make everything flow and work together.

The décor of a home is as unique as its occupants from every room in the household from the dining room to the individual bedrooms. Each room featuring its own unique flavor of the person who occupies it and showing off who they truly are as a person.

What is Open Concept Design?

The open concept design is one people may want to apply to their new homes in Weston if they enjoy décor. Open concept is basically making each room flow into each other using important elements that work with one another and creating a space that’s cohesive to another.

an open concept house can be difficult for people who are unfamiliar
with it, but are eager to apply it to their own home. One of the
first steps is to define a space and the easiest way to do this is to
use an area rug. Homes that have wide spaces may have not a division
between each room, so using an area rug can help to define each
space. Placing a rug for example where the dining room table is
located and one in the living room will make two clearly defined
areas. This immediately separates both areas the moment people look
in and gives the space structure, but still, keeps the open concept
design going.

What Color Scheme Goes Best with Open Concept?

The new homes in Weston, FL will no doubt take on the characteristics of their occupants after years, and hopefully decades, of being occupied. With that being said, when applying open concept one of the other defining characteristics is to use the right color scheme.

monochromatic color scheme is one of the most highly recommended
options for the open concept design. This means using one of the
colors you love and using it in different shades and tones throughout
the house. Incorporating patterns into the color is recommended to
give it added depth and flavor, while also pairing it with black and
white now and again. The color can even be enriched with other colors
like a deep orange or red to give a room more life.

What are Other Ways to Define Rooms?

tool that’s underutilized with open concept houses is using
furniture to define a room, especially in open spaces. Dining and
living room furniture, in particular, are perfect for this, they’re
practically built for it! Instead of pushing furniture up against the
walls use it to create a seating arrangement and to define a room in
an open area of the home.

like couches and bookcase are excellent to use as “walls” to
break up space and to define an area of the living room. Dining rooms
can be designed as conversational areas during dinner and make space
feel closed in and intimate when people are eating.

The open concept design is one many person may utilize for the pre-construction homes to decorate their spaces. It’s a fun concept to use and many people rarely have the chance to work with it, but it can be beneficial for wide-open spaces in a home. Using the open concept design isn’t difficult and only requires a bit of imagination and creativity to pull it off. Many people who have used the open concept design have found it to be an ideal tool for decorating their home and have it enjoyed it for many years.