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New Construction vs. Older Homes in Today’s Market

One of the first questions that future homeowners ask is whether to go for a new home like Botaniko Weston or purchase a home in the resale housing market. Some of the reasons for favoring one over the other are more objective like when considering the costs while some are more subjective like enjoying the new smell of a new house.

A great step in addressing this question is by coming up the checklist of what you need your home to have. This will range from a broad spectrum of options ranging from the neighborhood to the commute to your workplace.

Pros of new construction at Botaniko Weston

Modern floor plans

The homes at Botaniko Weston were designed with the modern family in mind. The open floor plans are ideal for ensuring closer family contact. These homes have a floor plan that combines a big room of the kitchen and the living room. What this does, in essence, is extend the kitchen area as a place the family can still interact.

Developers of new construction homes also give prospective buyers the option of more than one-floor plan to choose from.


New construction like Botaniko Weston will have more modern amenities. These new neighborhoods attract an entire ecosystem of amenities within a reasonable distance of these developments. So residents of the broader Weston area will have access to these facilities which would include fine dining, parks, and luxury shopping.

Lower maintenance of the home

With new construction, it will be a long while before you need to do any major kind of work on the house. Cost intensive work such as HVAC installations or plumbing or electrical work will be brand new and not require service for many years to come.

And because of the homeowner took an active part in the development of the house, it is not likely that you’ll require renovations anytime soon because the house to a large extent already meets your specifications.

Lower environmental footprint

Botaniko Weston uses environmentally friendly materials. So as a future homeowner you get to benefit from advances made in construction techniques and materials. These houses are more efficient in terms of energy consumption.

The insulation materials used in the new construction is more modern and more efficient to prevent unwanted heat loss or heat gain. With this better climate control, it means as a homeowner you will use less electricity or gas to regulate the temperature in your home.

Reduced dependence on natural resources such as gas goes a long way in conserving the environment.

The HVAC equipment that is installed in your construction is also more efficient because it also benefits from advances made in developing more efficient equipment over time.

Cons of new construction

Higher price

Newer construction tends to come at a higher price although this is not a hard-and-fixed rule.

Potential HOAs

Planned development may be under the management of homeowners associations that maintain communal facilities. There might be a downside for having to pay these fees but the upside is access to state-of-the-art facilities and even higher quality of life.

Pros of older homes

More options to choose from

Older homes come in different shapes and sizes which means that as a potential homeowner you get to pick the house which charms you.

Lower initial purchase price because you’re bulletproof

An older home might be available at a lower price than new construction of the same square footage although this initial lower purchase price might be offset by higher maintenance costs down the road.

Established neighborhoods

Old houses in established communities tend to have more established communities and facilities. These facilities can include more established educational institutions

Cons of older houses


Old houses tend to have a smaller floor plan the more modern houses. The average square feet of a family home in the ‘70s is almost half the current size of the new construction homes like Botaniko Weston.

Lower energy efficiency

The materials used to construct our homes are far less energy efficient than the ones employed to build new construction homes which means does this older homes have a bigger environmental footprint.

Higher maintenance costs

Because the house has been around longer older homes definitely will require more maintenance than a new home at a Botaniko Weston.

So those are some of the pros and cons of both new construction and older homes. So the suitability of either option to a future homeowner is largely dependent on your decision-making criteria.