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Buy a new construction home with a reverse mortgage

Reverse mortgages are mortgage loans that allow borrowers to access the unencumbered values of properties. In fact, these loans are usually secured and do not require monthly mortgage payments. These loans are essentially geared towards seasoned and elderly homeowners. While borrowers are still responsible for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance, elders are able to access the home equity they have built up in their homes. They can also defer payments on the loan until they sell, move, or pass away.

With this in mind, you can buy a Botaniko Weston pre-construction home with this type of mortgage. Here are some more benefits of this loan for home purchases:

  • No required mortgage payments on reverse mortgages.
  • Interest is added to the loan balance each month.
  • Rising loan balances can also exceed the value of the home – especially if you and yours plan on living at the same establishment for years to come.
  • Borrowers are not required to repay any additional loan balances that exceed the values of their homes.

The Botaniko Weston Experience

Botaniko Weston is the ideal community for those that love Mother Nature. With plenty of open green spaces and lush rolling hills, the establishment is truly an oasis of calm and serenity. With beautiful homes that feature large windows for natural illumination, residents have access to a range of outdoor activities. They also love the modern interiors, exquisite exteriors, and contemporary elegance of this growing and vibrant residence.

With a combination of air, light and design, you and yours will love the scenic views and picturesque backdrops that encompass these homes. With an emphasis on elegant convenience and lavish lifestyles, Botaniko is sure to dazzle the senses and meet each and every demand. Here are some more perks of using reverse mortgage loans to make Botaniko Weston your new home:

  • 121-acres of beautiful land with safe, gated entrances and exits.
  • Plenty of open green spaces for nature lovers and enthusiasts.
  • Trendy, vibrant homes with tall ceilings, hardwood flooring, and pre-construction elements that let you design and decorate as needed.
  • Close access to nautical and aquatic activities – swimming, canoeing, fishing, boating, and outdoor picnics with loved ones and neighbors.
  • New homes in Weston, FL, that include estate-quality amenities, wireless technologies, smart appliances, central cooling – heating, and open, airy kitchens with lovely décor.
  • The perfect place to work, live and raise a family in. Botaniko Weston is also not far from schools, fine dining, and transportation and entertainment hubs.
  • Botaniko Weston is ranked the No. 15 Best Place to Live in America.

Why Live at Botaniko Weston?

New construction homes are rapidly popping up everywhere in Florida. No truer is this than in Weston which has long been a haven for families and businesses. Botaniko Weston pre-construction homes are better options than pricier houses in the area. With a growing establishment, our residents include families, business-minded people, and investors with a flair for natural, livable habitats. While Botaniko embraces modernity at every corner, these homes equally appreciate the natural surroundings and environment.

With ample leg and storage room to unique features, each Botaniko home has its own signature identity. This is accentuated by the latest in modern designs, amenities, and features that make life easier and enjoyable. With fully-equipped condos that showcase automation and smart technologies at their best, you and yours get down-home living with stylish elements of modern high-rise buildings.

Find your New Construction Home Today

There are so many things to consider when looking for the right home. This includes cost and value, along with space, amenities, and features. However, what if you could get the right abode that combines all these essentials in one package? At Botaniko Weston, they offer new homes that are built to meet all your needs. In fact, one tour is all you need to access these benefits up close and personal. If you are ready to enjoy life at its fullest, Botaniko will truly achieve your desired results. With something for everyone, this elegant abode awaits you and yours with open arms.

For more information on pre-construction Weston, FL, homes, simply contact us today.