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5 Biggest Challenges of Buying A Home When You Have Student Loans

Student loan debt continues to soar at alarming rates. In fact, over half of the students in the USA are bogged down with repaying federally-financed student loans. Similarly, many students have defaulted on their own while others are now experiencing wage garnishments from the federal government. While some students have been able to lower payments via refinancing, deferments, and forbearances – most simply cannot make ends meet with high repayment amounts each month. With this in mind, it can be next to impossible to buy a new home due to financial restrictions and economic problems.

are five of the biggest challenges of buying a home if you have
outstanding student loans.

Student Loan Debt Equals Obstacles to Home Ownership

Student loan debts are truly obstacles to home ownership. In fact, the Federal Reserve released a report a few years ago that highlighted the relationship between student loan debt and decreasing rates of young adult home ownership. While having outstanding student debts can negatively impact your life, there are still ways to buy a home. In fact, Botaniko Weston pre-construction homes combine elements of light, air, and contemporary design. With close proximity to over 2,000 acres of wetland preserves, Botaniko allows you and yours to enjoy Mother Nature at her finest.

are some more perks of buying a home at Botaniko Weston:

  • Luxurious
    and spacious interiors with exquisite amenities at every turn.
  • Large
    windows that illuminate all homes with natural light.
  • Nautical
    – aquatic activities, open-green spaces, bike paths, walking
    trails, canoeing and much more.
  • 121
    – acres of modern homes with elegant features.
  • Smart
    kitchens, smart appliances, and contemporary interiors –
  • Wireless,
    digital and green technologies.
  • Hardwoof
    flooring, central AC- heating, built-in entertainment centers, LED
    TV mounts, and spacious kitchens with smart technologies and
    high-quality cabinetry.


was even named the No. 15 Best Place to Live in America a few years
ago. This remains true today with new investors and buyers from all
over Florida and the world. As a great place to work and raise a
family in, there is always something to do and see at this enchanted
residential community.

Turning your Home Ownership Dreams into Realities

If you are burdened with student loan debts, there are still ways to secure home ownership at Botaniko Weston. For one, you need to save your money or consider refinancing your loans to tap into lower rates. For students that have graduated or are entering college, it is essential to start saving to secure optimal cash flow for future property investments. You can also save for college via mutual funds, U.S. savings bonds, Roth IRAs, educational savings accounts and even carefully-planned and managed investments.

those with student loans, simply set aside some money each month from
your income or investments. This is a great way to build your
finances for home investments later on in life.

Watching your Credit Scores

scores are important factors in applying for mortgages. They also
play crucial roles when looking to buy or invest in a home. To keep
your credit scores acceptable and good, make sure to make your
monthly loan payments on time. Avoid missed payments which can affect
your credit score, as well as increase finances charges and interest
rates. A good credit score is 700 or above with 800 or above
considered excellent.

credit scores help prospective homeowners secure mortgages with lower
interest rates. This turns their homeownership dreams into realities
while helping them save money and essentially build equity. Consider
Botaniko Weston for your new home with lavish interiors and elegant
amenities. Each home is meticulously designed to reflect the nature
that encompasses the area. With tall ceilings, large windows, and
ample leg and storage room, this oasis of calm and tranquility
continues to attract prospective buyers from all over the world.

For more information on buying a home at Botaniko Weston, simply contact us today.