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The Top Three On-Site Amenities at Condo Developments

March 28, 2019 5:35 pm  /  Uncategorized

The Top Three On-Site Amenities at Condo

looking for a high-end luxury home, you may be thinking of the
features of your individual house or unit. A brightly lit, airy, open
floor plan. Perhaps granite or marble countertops and a kitchen
island. Tall ceilings. A luxury shower. Large bedrooms with a private
bathroom and a walk-in closet. The possibilities are endless.

you may hope that the community at least has a pool, but that’s a
given. Many high-end luxury facilities go above and beyond
expectations and offer amenities that you may not even thought of in
your wildest dreams.

Fitness Centers

of modest apartment buildings have a small fitness room with a
treadmill, a bike, a rowing machine, and a weight rack. This isn’t
what we’re talking about here. Many luxury communities have
full-fledged fitness centers that could rival Planet Fitness—and
it’s free to residents. From yoga to spin classes and even personal
trainers, these fitness centers have it all. Your community’s
fitness center could even have tennis or basketball courts, and you
won’t even have to leave home! It’s the perfect place to get in a
full workout, socialize with the neighbors, and walk a couple hundred
feet back to your own home.

communities are incorporating nature-covered jogging trails as well.
While these aren’t quite state-of-the-art gyms with high-end
workout equipment, it takes a page out of the movement for
all-natural everything by making fitness natural again. Many
communities today even have full private parks, such as the Botaniko
luxury homes in Weston, Florida.


you think of a day at the spa, it’s usually a posh place somewhere
in your city, right? What if you didn’t even have to drive home
after all that relaxation? Many high-end condo communities now
feature full-service spas, complete with steam rooms, saunas, and hot
tubs. Some even boast a full-service massage room with licensed
massage therapists, hair services with licensed cosmetologists, and
manicures and pedicures without ever having to leave the
neighborhood! It almost seems too good to be true, but when you live
in a luxury community, a lot of things will feel that way.

it—a relaxing dip in a hot tub or 15 minutes in a sauna to relax
those muscles, a professional massage, and a beautiful pedicure
without the sleepy drive home! It sounds like a dream come true.


if you were able to go on a date that started with an exhilarating
workout, continued at a full-service spa, and ended at a gourmet
restaurant, all without having to get in the car to drive to or from
any of them? Living at a luxury condo can make this seeming dream a
reality. Many communities nowadays feature restaurants with gourmet
fare right in your community. Don’t feel like cooking? Walk
downstairs and order lobster tails or steak—you don’t even have
to wait for delivery here. Some communities even feature wine and
juice bars if you just need a drink, adult or otherwise. Double
points for not having to drive home after that wine bar!

in modern luxury communities can sure feel like living in a five-star
resort with these incredible perks, and this is just the tip of the
ice berg. Sparkling community pools—or private ones, as is the case
at Botaniko Weston,
complete with cabanas and beach access, are fast becoming the norm in
newly planned communities in southern Florida. Many communities are
even including valet and concierge services, and a few even provide

you’re living in a place that prides itself on its luxury, you
should expect no less. Modern luxury communities are delivering in a
big way. It’s almost as though these realities have been written by
your younger self while daydreaming about your life after you hit it
as a big movie star. These amenities are what motivate people to work
hard in life, the stuff of dreams, the words of prayers, and the
fondest wishes of our hearts.

are you ready for a dip in the pool? A massage? Sushi and a bottle of
wine after some manicures? Great, let’s go downstairs!