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Three Tips For Furnishing Your New Condo

February 16, 2019 4:01 pm  /  Uncategorized

you’ve bought a new condo, your next step will be furnishing it to
make the most of it. Modern condos are no longer necessarily small
spaces, but you can still make a lot of the space you do have. Here’s
three tips that every condo owner should know, before they start
purchasing their new furnishings.

For Open Spaces

best thing about modern condos is that they feature large, open plan
spaces. They’re designed with all kinds of families in mind, so no
matter whether you’re watching the children or hosting a dinner
party, you can be involved. Having that space means that you can see
what’s happening in your home, no matter where you are.

may want to partition off that open space sometimes though, depending
on your needs. Maybe you want to make the living space a little more
seperate to the rest of the home, or you want to section off the
kitchen if you’re looking to keep young children out.

this is the case, look for dividers that can do this for you. A good
way of doing this is to buy free standing bookshelves that have
access from both sides. You can use them to designate a particular
space, but the joy of them is you can still see through them. This
lets light through, so your home won’t have any dark spots. It also
gives you extra storage space that you can put to good use.

Open Storage

your home has open plan spaces, open storage can often be the best
way of storing your belongings. This is especially true in the
kitchen, where you’ll need to store a lot of things. There’s lots of
pre construction Weston FL homes right now that are using modern,
minimalist designs in their kitchens, such as the homes being created
by Botaniko. As this is the case, it should be easy to bring in open
storage and have it blend in with the design.

using open steel shelves for your kitchen, as they can make the most
of any space. You can use decorative baskets to arrange smaller
objects on the shelves, and add in decorative touches to make it all
your own. You’ll be amazed at how much storage they can add to any

can also do this in your bathroom, if you’re the kind of person who
loves collecting lotions and potions. Install a slim shelving unit to
fit in behind a door. You can roll up towels to create a pleasing
pattern in the room, or again use co-ordinating baskets to keep your
bottles tidy.

Advantage Of Mirrors

there’s a blank looking wall that you feel needs something special, a
mirror could be just what you need.

homes in Weston FL are all about bringing light into your home. That
means that many of them use floor to ceiling windows to bring in as
much sunlight as they can during the day. You can really take
advantage of that, by hanging mirrors in spots where you’ll want more

example, if there’s a chair you love to read in in your living area,
hang a mirror behind it to catch the light. If you really want to
light up your kitchen area, add in a mirror. You can place them
almost anywhere you like, and they can either blend in with the
scenery or stand out. It really is up to you.

mirrors you hang will be able to reflect the light that comes in
through the windows, creating light, airy spaces. It’s just the thing
you need if you feel an area could use a little more light.

it comes to furnishing your home, you have the final say. It’s time
to worry less about what’s fashionable, and more about what makes you
happy. The best furnishings are those that are both stylish and
functional, so look for those qualities in anything you buy.

These tips will help you make the most of your new condo. Try them
out for yourself and you’ll see the improvement they can make to any
space you live in.