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Three Benefits of Buying a Pre-Construction Home

January 4, 2019 5:54 pm  /  Uncategorized


Potential home
owners have a variety of options when it comes to getting their
dream home. They can buy a used home that has already been lived
in or they can purchase a brand new home while it is still in
the pre-construction phase.

will look at some of the pros and cons of buying a pre-construction
home in Weston, Florida.

is brand spanking new

construction homes in Weston, Fl  are completely
new entities, from the walls, the floors the roof structures. Even
the fixtures inside the home are brand new. This means that the
home will provide you with many years of service before any
maintenance is required.

everything is new, the buyer contact the agent to decide and go
through the floor plans that suits styles that they feel meets their

are a variety of floor plans that the purchaser can pick from. It is
highly probable that the purchaser will find a floor plan that makes
them happy. Simply contact Botaniko Weston for
a glimpse of the vast array of floor plans we have available for our
pre-construction units.

is a widely known fact that the return of investment on buying a
pre-construction unit is much higher than purchasing a used
home. Again this is because everything is new in a
pre-construction home. Your investment is also protected by the
warranty provided by the developer.

homes also adhere to the latest building codes and building
technology. For example, a new home would be built with the
latest earthquake withstanding technology whereas an older
home may not have the same building technology.

example is that the in-house plumbing of new homes is made of
corrosion-resistant PVC unlike older homes which relied on
copper and cast-iron plumbing. The latter has to be replaced at some
point within the lifetime of the building at a prohibitive cost to
the homeowner.

As a
final point pre-construction homes are open to
the customization of the buyer. You truly build the
home of your dreams.

of Preconstruction homes

is true that the quality of construction varies among builders.
Typically, a homebuyer does not know the quality of work put into
their new home. However, for Botaniko Weston, we
are very transparent with the team that took part in developing
our luxurious homes.

developer, architects, interior designer, business
advisory, and sales team are all transparently listed on
our website. If you’re shopping for new
construction homes in Weston, Fl, with
Botaniko Weston,
you know the team that built your home.


homes are built in carefully selected areas with great preexisting
amenities and also include custom-designed additional amenities.
The Botaniko Weston based
in Florida, provides access to the following

schools like NSU
University School and American
Heritage School. These high fly institutions
are within Broward County and
within the convenient reach of Botaniko Weston. Children
are provided with the best when it comes to education and sporting

Weston area also boasts of Weston FC, an official US soccer
development academy program. It helps nurture the talent of
children from amateur to professional soccer players. One of the
students of this program has represented the US national soccer team
in the world cup stage.


homes are built with the latest energy efficient technology. The
largest part of the utility energy bill is usually the HVAC
component. This is heating and cooling. This cost is
incurred because that temperature of the house is influenced by the
external temperature.

However, with
good insulation, the temperature within the home is isolated from
that outside. We therefore need very little heating do in
the home during winter and also very little cooling to cool
down the home during summer.

homes in Weston Fl
take advantage of the latest development in home installation
technology which includes spray insulation, this reduces unwanted
heat gain or heat loss from the home.

also provide the option of green energy where the potential buyer
asks developer if they can incorporate solar energy
and other energy saving features in their new home. It
is much cheaper to do this on the onset than to retrofit this
energy savers on a pre-existing home.

these are some of the advantages of buying a new
construction homes in Weston,


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