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Four Cool Animals Make Weston Home Too

December 26, 2018 9:06 pm  /  Uncategorized

you love the sun, untamed animals in their natural habitat, abundant
plant life, and the water, then you can send a post card to the Lord
and tell him you have found the near-perfect place to await him in
Botaniko Weston.

Weston is positioned on the borders of the Everglades National Park.
A serene, scintillating, and secure place to call home. And if nature
herself had not done a brilliant job creating a paradise, the
residences here are designed and built to create harmony between
inside and outside, home and the human need for shelter and the
ecosystem surrounding it. Like their surroundings, they are almost
defy description – lavish. original. ecologically sensitive.
daring. dainty. Architects imitated a concept from the Native
Americans regarding the harmony of body and mind for the over-all
health of a being. Harmony of man and every other life form is at
the forefront of every design detail of our residences.

Nature did the splendid groundwork and now the architects have
literally built on that foundation in terms of design. Being next to
the Everglades means there are a number of very interesting and
fascinating wild species here. That there are snakes, alligators,
and crocodiles are a given. Who would not expect to find those here?
Alligators are even found in some parts of North Carolina, South
Carolina, Georgia, further south all the way to parts of Texas. No
disrespect to the alligators for they are amazing creatures, but show
me something new. Right?

really interesting creature found in the area is the manatee, also
called a sea cow. It is herbivorous just as a bovine is even though
it is a marine animal. I guess one could say a cattle ranch owned by
a U.S. Armed Services man uniformed in green also has “marine
animals” but some are likely to argue that point(LOL). Manatees
are large animals just as a cow, or bovine. And, even though they are
totally water dwellers just as cows are land dwellers, they are
mammals, like bovines, and nurse their young through teats in the
same way cows do. Their mouths are equipped to chew water plants
just as a cow’s mouth is equipped to chew grass. They are
typically slow eaters as land cows are and docile, easy-going
creatures. This area can show you these fascinating animals if you
have not met one.

fascinating creature found here that not everyone thinks about in
this area is the black panther or black jaguar. The same animal in
Asia or Africa is called a leopard while in the Americas the animal
is black in color. They are cats, which may explain why they are not
the first animal that comes to mind when one thinks of the
Everglades. Why would there be cats in a place with a lot of water,

of the most fascinating is the Orca, or killer whale. You may be
surprised to know they are often referred to as “wolves of the sea”
because of their tendency to live and hunt together just as a pack of
wolves except they are aquatic. Their name “killer whale” is a
misnomer for two reasons. First, they are actually dolphins, the
largest of the species. Their coloring varies on where they live but
they are found in every ocean. Ancient sailors called them killers
because they have been seen to feed on a whale corpse just as a pack
of wolves will devour a carcass. But they are not the attackers the
old fishermen labeled them to be.

black bear is one that is not easily forgotten. It, too, is not a
creature that comes first to mind at the thought of the Everglades.
One tends to think of bears as mountain dwellers. But we have our own
subspecies of the animal here. They tend to be solitary animals
except during mating season. Unlike a dog or some other mammals,
male black bears do not mark or defend a territory.