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Botaniko Weston – Great Ways To Have A Night In A Luxury Condo

December 22, 2018 9:06 pm  /  Uncategorized

you’re buying a new or pre construction condo, or you have a night in
one booked as a treat to yourself, a night in can be the perfect way
to relax. A luxury condo offers all kinds of ways to kick back and
have the perfect night in, away from the world. What can you do to
make your night away from the hustle and bustle of the city perfect?
Here’s four ideas to get you started.

Have The Perfect Bubble Bath

matter where you are, if there’s a bath tub you can have a relaxing
bubble bath. Nothing’s better than lying back in the warm water after
a hard day, just taking some time to yourself. It’s the best way to
decompress after you’ve been working hard, as you spend some time
just by yourself.

you’re in a luxury condo, you can make the experience even better.
Depending on the bathroom your condo complex offers, you can have all
kinds of luxury perks that make bath time that much better. Most will
offer oversized tubs, meaning you can really spread out and enjoy
your bath without having to fold yourself in, like you would in a
regular tub. Many also come with jets, turning your bathtub into a
veritable hot tub. Add a bath bomb, a book and a glass of wine, and
you’re all set for a good night in.

Have A Movie Night

you missed the latest movies and want to catch up? Maybe you want an
excuse to curl up on the sofa and eat popcorn. Whatever the reason, a
movie night can be the best thing to do in a luxury condo. If you’re
renting one, you’ll notice that it probably comes with a big screen
TV, and plenty of ways to watch movies on it. A streaming device can
easily be plugged in and used to send movies directly to the TV, so
you can start watching with minimal fuss.

you’re looking to make snacks, you’re in luck too. Even if you go to
the kitchen for something to eat, you’re not going to miss anything
thanks to the open concept plan of most new condos. You can stay in
the loop even if you need a drink or more popcorn.

Hold A BBQ In The Sun

the weather is good, then why not get outside and soak up some rays
with your friends? The best way to do this is with a good BBQ. Most
luxury condos, such as the Botaniko Weston homes, have access to
purpose built, private outdoor spaces. You can take in nature while
catching up with your friends. Even better, you can invite your
neighbors so you can get to know them. It’s a good way of meeting
them if you’ve only moved in recently.

the Weston homes new developments are made with nature in mind, you
can spend the night watching it unfold around you. There’s a lot of
joy to be found in watching birds from your balcony, or sitting in
shared spaces with friends, watching animals go by.

Order In Dinner

a lot to be said for good take out. At the end of a long day when
you’re tired and just want to come home and flop on the sofa, you
don’t want to get into cooking dinner. A take out meal can be just
what the doctor ordered.

doesn’t mean that you have to eat any old take out though. Most
luxury condos come with a concierge service, that can be invaluable
in times like these. Talk to them and ask them who they can
recommend. They’ll have a fantastic knowledge of the local area, and
be able to direct you to some of the most delicious and underrated
take out restaurants near you. Take advantage of their knowledge and
have a delicious dinner without the effort.

These are just four ways you can enjoy a night in in your luxury
condo tonight. Take advantage of the amenities available to you, and
take the time to relax and unwind in luxurious settings.