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Best Weekend Beach Getaways Near Miami

December 15, 2018 9:06 pm  /  Uncategorized

the winter starts to approach, your thoughts start turning to warmer
climes. Even if you’re already living in some of the luxury homes in
Weston FL that are already going up, you’ll want to get away from the
hustle and bustle of everyday life for a weekend or two. Whatever the
reason, you need a weekend getaway that’s near Miami. Here’s three of
the best spots to check out for the perfect beach getaway.

Mid Beach, Miami

in 2010, Mid Beach wasn’t considered a vacation destination by most.
Ever since then, though, there have been hotels going up to house
those who are looking for a quiet scene, somewhere they can relax and
enjoy their getaway away from the crowds.

you’re looking for a more laidback spot to spend your vacation, why
not try the Soho Beach House? This hotel was the first to stake out
Mid Beach as a desirable location. The hotel mixes British ideals
from their owners alongside Latin influences, which can be seen
everywhere from their bar to the decorations in the rooms.

you’re looking for a decadent weekend away from the kids, where all
you have to do is lay on the beach and work on your tan, this is it.
Take advantage of the luxurious surroundings and easy access to less
populated beaches, and you’ll be sure to have a good time.

North Beach Village, Fort Lauderdale

people want a super laidback vacation. They want to unplug, and get
away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. If this sounds
like you, you’ve got to check out North Beach Village in Fort
Lauderdale. Under the leadership of Swedish investor Par Olof Sanda,
who owns 22 hotels in the area, it’s become the perfect place for
those who want to unwind.

you’ll notice here are lots more people on bikes, as cars aren’t
really needed here. An extensive bike sharing program ensures that
you have access to bikes whenever you need them. What could be better
than riding along the coastline with the wind in your hair?

of the best things about the North Beach Village is the crowd that it
attracts. European families love to come here and unwind, and there’s
a large LGBT friendly following here. Whoever you are, you’ll feel
welcomed there and have the best time on your weekend away.

Key West

West has long been a favorite for those looking to get away, and it’s
not hard to see why. When you head to Key West, you really are
getting away from it all. All you have to do is leave your hotel and
you’re in an area famed for their bars and restaurants, perfect if
you love having a drink in new and exciting places.

those who are literary fans, you can trail Ernest Hemingway all
around Key West. He spent a lot of time there, so you can fish where
he fished, or visit his haunts such as Blue Heaven, which used to be
a popular boxing location that he used to frequent. You can also
visit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum to learn more about
Hemingway and his travels.

West isn’t far away, but it feels like it’s a world away. Living in
Miami, you can easily get to Key West for a weekend away, so make the
most of it. You’ll love relaxing in the sun on this beach getaway.

Is The Perfect Starting Point For A Vacation

you love the beach, then you’re going to want to live there all year
round. You can head out on Miami beach vacations, but why not take
advantage of all the new construction that’s happening in the area?
For example, the Botaniko Weston developments are new luxury condos
that are perfect for anyone who wants a slice of the Florida
lifestyle for themselves.

These are just three destinations near Miami that you’ve got to check
out if you’re in the area. Take your weekend away and make the most
of a vacation in the sun. You live so close, it would be rude not to
take advantage of it.