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Three Ways to Furnish your Modern Space

June 19, 2018 2:44 pm  /  Uncategorized


is synonymous with luxury homes in Weston, FL. In fact, these lavish
and elegant abodes feature contemporary décor and modern designs.
They also have open, airy kitchens – accentuated by large windows
that illuminate each corner of your new unit. Whether for families,
corporate investors or nature lovers, pre-construction
homes in Weston, FL
even feature smart kitchens with the latest automated technologies.
With a strong emphasis on space allocation and high-end living, we
invite you to tour Botaniko and experience the difference today.

your New Modern Space

Weston homes are situated within serene and tranquil areas. These are
blanketed by plenty of open and green spaces; effectively capturing
the allure and essence of Mother Nature. In fact, Botaniko residents
herald their homes for offering modern designs with down-home
traditional living. With scenic imagery and picturesque backdrops,
these estate-quality condos truly offer something for everyone. With
a blend of air, light and contemporary designs, here are some
essential tips on how to furnish your new modern space:

  • Botaniko
    embodies the spirit of openness across its many fine homes. In fact,
    you will see a “less is more” approach in overall design –
    resulting in plenty of open spaces for interiors, exteriors and
  • To
    maintain the free-spirited personality of Botaniko
    you are free to accentuate your spaces as desired. However, we
    recommend streamlined and centralized furniture and accessories,
    which will add to the luxurious and elegant feel of your new units.
  • As
    always, modern furniture works best in contemporary abodes. With
    this in mind, ditch your traditional sets for more current, stylish
    and trendy pieces. This may include sofa sectionals, along with
    center rugs, side tables, and even integrated accessories that will
    bring your corners to life.
  • Before
    you furnish your new condo, always take proper measurements to
    ensure your items will fit appropriately. This goes for all rooms,
    and we feature convenient slopes for easy truck unloading and

Life at Botaniko Weston

you truly get above-average living with a myriad of amenities. If you
and yours love nature, our development is blanketed by lush rolling
hills and trees at every corner. These homes also harness natural
sunlight via large windows and terraces – resulting in unit
illumination throughout the year. As a quiet, yet vibrant and
affluent community, here are some of the perks of daily life at

  • Access
    to 121-acres of open land and green spaces.
  • Spectacular
    scenery, great weather and private spaces for residents in this safe
    and secure residential community.
  • A
    stone’s throw from all types of nautical and aquatic activities:
    fishing, swimming, canoeing and much more.
  • Botaniko
    in Weston, FL
    also features smart kitchens, central heating/cooling, built-in
    entertainment centers and open, airy kitchens.
  • A
    gated community that is truly the perfect place to work and raise a
    family in. Botaniko is not far from schools, shopping, dining and
  • Botaniko
    Weston is still ranked No. 15 of the “Best Places to Live in
  • Botaniko
    Weston condos rival any 5-star resort or hotel. This is why our
    luxury condos continue to soar in popularity across Florida and the
    region as a whole.

Botaniko Weston?

pre-construction condos are better options than traditional, pricier
homes. In fact, our establishment continues to grow with families and
investors from all over the world. If looking for a community that
embraces nature and modernity at every turn, Botaniko Weston is sure
to dazzle the senses and achieve all desired results. With optimal
space allocations and ample leg and storage room, each unit has its
own unique features and identity. Similarly, the surrounding areas
only accentuate the openness and green spaces that Botaniko
is most known for. With fully integrated condos that feature
automation and smart technologies at their best, Botaniko truly makes
everyday life easier for our residents and families.

For more information on Botaniko Weston, simply contact us today or visit our website.


19, 2018 – Want to furnish you new condo? Botaniko Weston can help
you make the most out of your modern spaces. Click here.