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Botaniko Homes are More than Just a Residence; They’re a Work of Art

April 12, 2018 10:01 am  /  Uncategorized

Located in the quiet neighborhood in the City of Weston sits a
stunning work of art, the Botaniko Weston. Born from the inspiration
that the natural surrounding invoke, this luxury living community was
established by world renowned athletes, architects, businessmen, and
chefs. All of whom want to continue to make new homes in Weston, FL
beautiful and safe. Utilizing complementary colors, textiles, and
materials to construct eye catching homes for families of all sizes,
come and experience this luxury living community for yourself.
Whether you’re from Florida or new to the area, you’ll soon fall
in love with the simple life of luxury living.

Simply, Living Luxuriously

open green spaces where people from all walks of life can live, play,
entertain and engage with the surrounding natural beauty. Enjoy miles
of private walking and jogging trails, biking trails, and a unique
lush landscape. Who said the simple life had to be boring?

can rest and recharge in this thoughtfully designed community. A true
paradise has been born in Weston, Florida. Optimizing the concept of
indoor-outdoor living experience in the Southern Florida climate,
this luxury living community will make you forget all your past
troubles. Every pre construction home in Weston, FL is thoughtfully
designed. Encouraging conscious living to promote a symbiotic
relationship between you and nature, while bringing a modern,
metropolitan flare to an otherwise suburban area.

pristinely planned community has quickly become a highly coveted area
for residents in and outside of Florida. Botaniko Weston continues to
be regarded as the top model for new and existing neighborhood
developments all over the United States. This luxury community has
inspired a wave to return to simple designs and simple pleasures.

All of Your Senses

designing our community, we wanted to design it not only for your
eyes but for all of your senses. With a rich, green environment full
of lush wildlife your body, mind, and spirit can finally take a break
and relax. With the rise of five Weston restaurants, this community
has become a pillar for fine cuisine. With strong Latin roots within
the community, the food here is the perfect inspirational combination
of American and Latin cuisine that sparks inspiration through taste
and smell. Every meal here is cooked with love and that is something
you will see and feel in every facet of this carefully constructed
luxury living community.

and Purpose Become One

Weston beautifully merges pleasure and purpose in to the ultimate
living community. A place where design meets functionality. Born out
of a dream and built in reality, this luxury living community is
truly where life and art merge together as one. Every facet of this
community is designed with nature serving as the main canvas for life
and designs. You’ll enjoy a bridge where nature, life, and design
become one. Enjoy a new way of living that complements every aspect
and facet of all living things which is what indoor-outdoor living is
all about—harmony and peace.

Live the Luxury Life with Us at
Botaniko Weston

out of beauty and imagination while being inspired by the natural
Floridian Everglades that surround this idyllic community, Botaniko
Weston makes luxury living simple. Locally and Nationally acclaimed
for the high standards and quality of living, our community continues
to prove that there is a better way to live. You’ll enjoy some of
the best restaurants the Nation has to offer, along with shops,
entertainment, and a strong sense of community that invokes a feeling
of comfort and safety.

Weston is more than just a luxury living community, we’re a work of
art. Our beautifully and thoughtfully designed custom homes are
exactly what you’ve been looking for. If you’re looking for
luxury, community, simplicity, and safety you’ll find that here and
more. You should love where you live and live where you love all
while feeling safe and inspired. If you’re thinking about making
the move to come join us in our idyllic community, call us today to
schedule an appointment. We’d love to show you and share with you
the community we’ve worked so hard to build.

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